AFK Arena: Grub’s PvP Lineup Overview

From the author: here are the top meta PvP teams. I’ll be releasing an in-depth rundown of each team in the coming days. This will include why the team works, recommended artifacts and suitable substitutions.


Written by Grubley, visually crafted by Mischief


This overview is intended as a snapshot of the optimal composition of each team within the current meta. These lineups require extreme investment, but it is worth having a goal to strive to. The “Mauler Core” formation is currently speculative, however, it’s definitely worth watching out for. In the coming days we shall be visiting each composition in more details to discuss substitutes and more budget versions, but for now, here are the most powerful teams as of Patch 1.46.

Gwyneth Burst

The idea of this team is to position the enemy team so that as many of them as possible are hit by Gwyn’s opening combo. Eironn positions them while Lyca and Lorsan buffs Gwyneth’s damage. Lorsan provides his link to increase burst damage substantially. This is stronger than the Nako version against non-Nako teams. This comp excels at the attack but struggles as a defence team.

God Comp

This team works entirely based on Ezizh’s passive which prevents the enemy team from ulting for 2 seconds every time an ally ults. Twins function as the catalyst in this team with their ultimate providing CC immunity and helping to sustain the ult spam to stop the enemy team from being able to user their ultimates. Ezizh passive and grouping then allows a carry such as Talene to scale without worrying about a huge chunk of what the enemy can do. This team is the best in the arena due to it’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Flora Stall

This team is based on controlling the battle and grouping the enemy team whilst scaling damage and tankiness as the fight goes on. This allows Flora to continually dish out great damage and haste reduction with her furniture. Skreg provides some amazing buffs with his 9/9 furniture to further improve battlefield control for Flora to take advantage of. This does require significant investment into the Sorcery Elder Tree.

Graveborn Celestial

As above, this team is based on controlling the battle whilst allowing your damage and tankiness to scale as the fight goes on. This team is based around Talene and/or Orthros scaling up damage whilst Athalia and/or Nara provides disruption against any carries that threaten to burst it down.

Mauler Core

This is based around Skreg’s 9/9 furniture primarily providing insane buffs around a team that is designed to cross to the other side of the field. Satrana excels at burst and is proving to be a potent counter to the tankier based teams. Numisu is incredibly underrated in his utility healing and disruption whilst Tidus provides significant damage and additional disruption as well. Ezizh nicely ties this lineup together with his ability to group.

Author: Grubley
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