Project Type: Scout (Riders)

State of Survival: Jack “Tweak” Pickard

Born with high-functioning autism, Tweak still does not take the initiative in communicating with others, but this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most legendary underground pharmaceutical experts.

State of Survival: Julie Garcia

Julie Garcia, a Spanish girl who is full of secrets, is one of the people Becca Hoffman wants to meet most.

Proficient in archery, gun skills and close combat, fond of floral art, cooking and music, these are Julie’s key words.

State of Survival: Jane

Growing up on the family ranch as the only girl in six children, Jane Goldshot quickly learned to hold her own against her brothers. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and if someone doesn’t agree with her, well, that’s their problem.

State of Survival: Maddie & Frank

The crossbow Maddie carries is not a toy, she’ll bust your head with it in an instant. On the other hand, Frank’s favourite toys are Infected heads: great for playing fetch. So don’t be deceived by their innocent appearance!

State of Survival: Trish

It wasn’t always easy for Trisha Rangan growing up. Money was tight and her dreams of med school were scoffed at by her family who insisted her goal should be to marry a doctor instead. But she studied intensely and worked all hours she could to save money, eventually winning over her family in the process.

State of Survival: Miho

Whenever Miho Tanaka wasn’t working in her uncle’s restaurant, she was busy training. Guns, knives, any weapon she could get her hands on. Her father had been murdered in a gangland execution back in Japan, and Miho had sworn an oath of vengeance.

State of Survival: Basel

Basel hails from a military family which explains his fearlessness. He’s honest and unbowed, and you can count on him to deliver.

State of Survival: Candy

Candy’s sweet look is merely her disguise for survival. She’s eager to teach you a lesson, a hard lesson, if you ever forget that fact.

Candy is good at being alone. Although most people enjoy and seek out her company, she’s never been truly close to anyone. She will always reject your invitation with a dazzling smile. People love that smile.

State of Survival: Zach

Zachary Fairchild prefers the company of machines to humans. If it was possible, he would stay holed up in his workshop 24/7, tinkering and inventing. His unique combination of brilliance and single-mindedness meant that at the age of 18 he was able to afford a house for his mom.

State of Survival: Travis

One of Travis Cody’s earliest memories is holding his grandfather’s hunting rifle on the porch of the old house. It went off by accident, blowing the lightbulb to pieces, and the young Travis was hooked.