Swords of Legends Online: Housing Guide

A complete residency (personal housing) guide!

Guide author: covertrui, kitah (merged together by botulidze)


Personal housing will be unlocked toward the end of the tutorial post max level, you will unlock a quest in Cloudrise that will take you to the housing registrar. Here you can purchase a house for 800 gold to continue the residency quest, which will prompt you with a small tutorial quest teaching you how to use your residence.

Official housing video

Important Notes

  • If you are not online after 30 days, your land will be taken away (limited plots).
  • You can give keys to friends, mentors and trainees. You can give out a maximum of 20 keys and these players have the following permissions:
    • They can enter design mode and move, place and reorder items
    • They can use the Jade Album in tour mode to make an incarnation.
  • In each Residence community area, there are 20 floating island Residence you can choose from.
  • You can also fly to your neighbours Residence to interact with their resources.
  • You can buy a Residence by talking to the Residence Manager ‘Lou Xiao’ in the central island, you will need 200 Gold to purchase your chosen island.
  • You can unlock hobs, hot springs and other facilities depending on the level of your Residence.
  • You can learn manufacturing recipes on your Residence and trade the items with other players.

Residence Management

How to get a Residence

After reaching Student 1, click the icon next to the minimap in the upper right corner and follow the on-screen guidance to head to the Residence area. After entering, you will arrive at the central island where you can choose a Realm, Area Number and Residence number and a name for your island. You can choose the same community with relatives or friends and even visit each other!

An island costs 200 Gold, after the purchase is completed the primary construction of the island can begin and you will be presented with an on-screen tutorial.

Residence Removal

  • The land will be removed by the system if your character does not log in for 30 days.
  • After the removal, you can go to the central island to find the Residence Manager ‘Lou Xiao’ and restore your island for free. The level and design of your island will remain as you left it as long as you reselect the same Residence that you previously inhabited.
  • You can spend 50 Goldat the Residence Manager ‘Lou Xiao’ to move to a new address.

Visiting Other Players Residence

If you want to visit other peoples Residence, you need to know their Residence number and location. If it is a two-way friend, you can open the friend list, right-click to select and click “Visit player’s residence”.

Residence Information

This interface allows you to see everything that is going on with your Residence, It can be accessed via the shortcut key CTRL+J.

  • Daily Quests: Complete related quests to obtain resources and Residence Treasure Maps.
  • Log: Record the activity for your home.
  • Cloud Home Construction Notes: Earned by selling materials to the resident manager.
  • Resources: Shows all of the materials (Timber, Stone Material, Ghost Grass, Essence) and the quantity that you own.
  • Neighbours: Shows players who have their homes in your current community, click on the small cloud next to them to teleport directly to their residence.

Daily Quests

You can visit your Residence and pick up 3 random quests every day. After completion, you can get a Spirit Handbook, Residence Dew Pouch, Mysterious Residence Treasure and a Residence Treasure Map.

  • Spirit Handbook: This item is used to learn recipes. This is a core resource for determining house upgrades.
  • Residence Dew Pouch: This grants items which increases the productivity of the resource areas.
  • Mysterious Residence Treasure: This item allows you to randomly obtain island facilities, the quality ranges from common to legendary depending on luck.
  • Residence Treasure Map: Use the compass to unlock a treasure map at the Dragonstar in your home. Find the treasure chest in the community area and open it to obtain various building materials, buildings and various other items.

Residence Buildings

By building a home and meeting certain unlock requirements you can upgrade the island, which will give you access to amenities such as:

NameUsed for
Residence PortalYou can use the Residence Portal to teleport to the Residence of other players in the entire region. You can also use it to return to Cloudrise. If you used the skill ‘Return Spell’, you can return to a map of your choice (wherever you cast the Return Spell).
Melodies of the Legends (Music Box)Allows you to choose the music you want to play as the background music for your Residence. This can be heard by yourself and also visitors to your island. You can unlock more music by dropping music scores from dungeons, biographies and other activities.
Wooden Stake Area (Training Dummy)You can train your personal techniques at the training dummy. Find the Wooden Stake Steward in your home and talk to it, you can have Ordinary, Chop Down Strike, Defence and Healing wooden stakes which correspond to different classes.
ForgeThe forge is a workshop where you can use minerals to craft various metal tools, equipment and objects. In higher-level forges, you can craft more types of residence items.
Baigong WorkshopThe Baigong workshop is where you can make soul grass into fabric, plants, and accessories. In higher-level Baigong workshops, you can craft more types of residence items.
Millstone PlatformThe Millstone Platform is a workshop where you can use stone materials to craft various building materials, statues, and stone objects. In higher-level millstone platforms, you can craft more types of residence items.
WorkbenchYou can use the workbench to make a variety of wooden building materials, furniture, and items. You can use a higher-level workbench to make other types of residence items.
Hot SpringsThis becomes available once your Residence reaches level 10. You can interact with characters. Each account can regain 20 Fortune from the hot springs every day./ This resets at 6 o’clock every day. Two-way friends can also use the hot springs on your island.


Item Creation

Items used to build a house are mainly obtained by learning recipes and consuming materials for manufacturing.

  • Recipes can be obtained via the Research and Production Station, by consuming Spirit Handbooks (you can get 9 handbooks every day by completing daily housing quests).
  • Materials can be obtained on the island resource areas by harvesting crops, mining ores and minerals, etc.

The higher the level of your resource facilities, the higher the level of materials that can be planted and gathered.

Items and Materials can also be earned through:

  • Holiday activities – Provides holiday themed housing pieces and decorations
  • In-game Cash Shop
  • Auction House
  • Dungeon Drops
  • Life Skills
  • PVX Gameplay (Fishing, Treasure Hunting, etc.)
  • Special Events and Contests

Planting/Harvesting Nodes

Players can enter their homes and plant resources every day. The types of resources include Timber, Grass, Stone and Mineral. They can be harvested 24 hours after planting. You can reduce this time by having other players inject Soulforce into your nodes, you can reduce the time by upgrading your Production Buildings. Additionally, you can use Pearls (seen on the right-hand side of the screenshot), giving added benefits such as yielding more materials when you harvest.

Available Resource Nodes and Resources

  • Players can only plant on resource nodes. There are 4 resource nodes in total, x2 Soul Veins and x2 Soul Earth.
  • Resource Nodes can be levelled up to level 2, reducing the growth time to 23 hours instead of the standard 24 hours.
  • There are 12 resources, 4 types each with 3 levels. Primary (Green), Intermediate (Blue) and Advanced (Purple).
  • At Production Building level 5, you can harvest 1000 points for planting primary materials, 500 points for planting intermediate materials and 250 points for planting advanced materials.

When your Production buildings are a high enough level, they will require different materials to upgrade:

TypePlanting AreaInitial ResourceProduction Level 2Production Level 4
WoodSpirit SoilGold-fibre WoodMulberry WoodNightfire Wood
StoneSpirit VeinDolomiteMysterious StoneHundred-colour Stone
GrassSpirit SoilSnowy Jade GrassGreen Silk GrassPhoenix Feather Grass
MineralsSpirit VeinCinnabar OreSeagold PebblePurple Daybreak Ore

Soulforce Injections

During the planting period, other players can inject your spirit soil and spirit veins and they can obtain a few materials for the current Soulforce injection (generally 20). The spirit soil and spirit veins have an injection cooldown of 5 minutes. Players can inject Soulforce 10 times a day and then injecting your node will increase your resource growth time by up to 2% per injection (up to 10% maximum).

Levelling Nodes and Residences

Levelling a Residence

2Unlocks: Miaoyin Summer House
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 320/-/- points.
Small blueprint slot +1
You can now search for more recipes for residence items.
1802150 Gold-fibre Wood150 Dolomite150 Snowy Jade Grass150 Cinnabar Ore
3Unlocks: Level 2 production buildings.
Unlocks design: Medium Construction Area
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 480/240/- points.
You can now research more recipes for your residence.
230200 Gold-fibre Wood200 Dolomite200 Snowy Jade Grass200 Cinnabar Ore
4Unlocks: Wooden Stake Area
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 480/240/- points.
Small and large blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for your residence.
280216 Gold-fibre Wood216 Dolomite216 Snowy Jade Grass216 Cinnabar Ore
5Unlocks: Level 3 production buildings.
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 960/480/- points.
Medium and extra-large blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for your residence.
350216 Mulberry Wood216 Mysterious Stone216 Green Silk Grass216 Seagold Ore
6Unlocks: Hob/Hearth
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 960/480/- points.
Small blueprint slot +1
You can now research more recipes for your residence.
440486 Mulberry Wood486 Mysterious Stone486 Green Silk Grass486 Seagold Ore
7Unlocks: Level 4 production buildings.
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 1280/640/320 points.
Medium and large blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for residence.
550648 Mulberry Wood648 Mysterious Stone648 Green Silk Grass648 Seagold Ore
Unlocks: Large Construction Area
Unlocks Fish Pond
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 1680/840/420 points.
Small blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for residence.
670540 Nightfire Wood540 Hundred-colour Stone540 Phoenix Feather Grass540 Purple Daybreak
9Unlocks: Level 5 production buildings
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 2080/1040/520 points.
Medium and large blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for residence.
770648 Nightfire Wood648 Hundred-colour Stone648 Phoenix Feather Grass648 Purple Daybreak
10Unlocks: Hot Spring
The upper limit for storing resources is increased by 2080/1040/520 points.
Medium and large blueprint slot +1 each.
You can now research more recipes for residence.
8601080 Nightfire Wood1080 Hundred-colour Stone1080 Phoenix Feather Grass1080 Purple Daybreak

Levelling Resource Nodes

NameNode LevelResidence LevelGold-fibre WoodDolomiteSnowy Jade GrassCinnabar OreMulberry WoodMysterious StoneGreen Silk Grass
Seagold Ore
Nightfire WoodHundred-colour StonePhoenix Feather GrassPurple Daybreak
Soul Earth232167221672
Soul Earth35486162486162
Soul Earth4710803601080360
Soul Earth59225675225675
Soul Vein237221672216
Soul Vein35162486162486
Soul Vein4736010803601080
Soul Vein59675225675225

Levelling Production Buildings

NameNode LevelResidence LevelGold-fibre WoodDolomiteSnowy Jade GrassCinnabar OreMulberry WoodMysterious StoneGreen Silk Grass
Seagold Ore
Nightfire WoodHundred-colour StonePhoenix Feather GrassPurple Daybreak
Milestone Platform237228872144
Milestone Platform35162648162324
Milestone Platform473601440360720
Milestone Platform59225900225450

Additional Features and Settings

Residence House Keeper

At the Residence Housekeeper, you can use housing materials to exchange
Resources for Cloud Home Construction Notes. You can also use the Residence Housekeeper to change the weather of your residence.

Weather options include:

  • Changing between Sunshine and Snowfall
  • Sunshine Only
  • Snowfall Only

Cloud Home Construction Notes are used to learn recipes. You can only hold a maximum of 50,000 at a time and you can exchange your Resources for more Cloud Home Construction Note. The maximum you can obtain via an exchange is reset at 6 AM server time (CEST for EU / EST for NA) every day.

Manufacturing, Furnishing and Design

  • Research and Production Station: This is Production station for learning recipes and crafting furniture and buildings.
  • Discover Recipe: Obtained by using the Research and Production Station. It consumes Cloud Home Construction Notes, Spirit Handbooks, Gold and Silver to discover (learn) a recipe.
  • Craft Residence Items: After learning the recipe with the Spirit Handbooks, you can choose the furniture you want to make and then make it. It can also be exchanged with Cloud Home Construction Notes.
  • Furniture Items: You will have two options when crafting items at the Research and Production Station. One option will allow you to add the item directly to your Stash and the other option will allow you to put the item into your inventory. Items with “(item)” in brackets behind the item name will land in your Inventory, not your Residence Stash. It is worth noting that Account Activity is used to craft the items which land in your inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What level does Housing unlock?
    A: Currently it unlocks at max level, Student 1 (aka 36+1)
  • Q: Where do I get my house?
    A: Press the Cultivation button, then in Tutorial select Leisure and Fun -> Home in the Clouds.
  • Q: How much does it cost?
    A: Housing costs 200g to purchase.
  • Q: Is housing limited? Is there a land rush?
    A: Housing is limited, but the limit is 10 ‘Realms’ each with 1000 ‘Areas’ containing 20 ‘Plots’, so the limit is 200k. Plots lose their owners after 30 days of inactivity.


  • Q: How do I get resources (Wood, Grass, Stone, Ore)?
    A: Use the 4 resource nodes on your island. The normal timer for each resource is 23 hours, while Wind Dew speeds it up a bit. You can also inject soulforce 10 times a day to other people’s resource nodes, which gives you that resource as well. Finally, you can get ‘Dream Memory Chest’ from certain Leisure events for resources!
    Q: Are there housing dailies?
    A: Ctrl+J has 3 housing dailies, the first gives moon/wind dew, the second gives random items for house, and the third gives a treasure map.
  • Q: What is ‘Residence Production Building Level’ in Upgrade?
    A: It’s the second value in your Build Area – if you don’t have enough, put more items down.
  • Q: How do I level up the house?
    A: Hit Ctrl+J and click Upgrade at the top-left. If you are missing any requirement, then you cannot level it.


  • Q: Where did my item go?
    A: If it was purchased from cash shop or collected from open world, it will first be in your bag. Go to residence, right click the item, and then it will show up in your housing stash. If it doesn’t show up even then, contact support.
  • Q: Can items be built without owning them?
    A: All items excepting trees and certain items in the ‘special’ list (character, animal, cash item) can be built in ‘preview mode’
  • Q: I put something down in preview mode, can I replace it without removing and re-maneuvering?
    A: Select ‘Already Placed’ and choose the (grayed out) item you wish to replace. Press ‘Fill Object’ to replace it with the owned item.
  • Q: Can I build out of bounds?
    A: Yes, but the stuff won’t be solid so be aware you may fall to your death. Other than that, there’s no limit.
  • Q: How do you float/out of bounds items? How do you link items?
    A: See the pin in the #housing channel for the basic floating video. There’s an update in the description as well for easier linking.
  • Q: What does housing give you?
    A: Nothing that will affect your PvE/PvP, don’t worry.
  • Q: What is Drawing Draft Mode?
    A: Drawing Draft basically is a way to easily copy and paste the same arrangement over and over, or share your layout with another person! You can only draft items you own.
  • Q: How do I place mounts in residence?
    A: If you don’t see the mount show up in your Item Arrangement window, go to your housekeeper and click the dialogue options. If it still doesn’t show up, you may need a higher residence level.


  • Q: Are the realms different?
    A: No, all the realms are the same! The only difference is the direction and height of each plot (1 thru 20). The outer ring is a set of alternating high-low plots and the inner ring on average lower than the outer.
  • Q: How far from my island does my build render?
    A: As long as your character is within the map ‘small area’ (flying from plot 1 to plot 2, when the map name changes in the middle of the screen is a different area) you will see your build!
  • Q: How much does it cost to move? How do I move?
    A: It costs 50g to move house plots by talking to Lou in the middle island, and moving will keep your Residence Level and layout (save a copy though to be safe).
  • Q: Can I give others access to build my house?
    A: In Ctrl+J, you can give out 20 keys to your social relations.
  • Q: Is the housing mostly free or cash shop items?
    A: Most builds usually are 90% free items.
  • Q: Where can I find some inspiration for house design?
    A: Search 古网 仙府 on bilibili (cn youtube).
  • Q: How do I take pictures without the build UI?
    A: Sneak into camera mode using the button under the minimap, then you can hide UI while having all your housing items previewed.
  • Q: How does weather/day&night work?
    A: Weather changes between sunny and snowy, you can also manually toggle it via your Housekeeper. For day/night cycle, when I timed it in beta, a day took 32 minutes and a night 28, approximately.
  • Q: What’s the CD on House name change?
    A: We are still waiting on people who renamed on Launch Day 1 to figure this out.

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2 years ago

How do you access the materials? Like I see people selling dolomite on the trader ..If I wanted to sell or trade some dolomite how do i find it ? It’s not in my inventory/bag ! Thanks<3

Maria Poage
Maria Poage
2 years ago

Where is the Research and Production Station

Maria Poage
Maria Poage
2 years ago

Where is the research and production station to trade for recipes?

2 years ago

This is fantastic, but how do I change the shortcut keybinds? I changed “R” to sprint, and when I remove items, it causes me to sprint.