AFK Arena: Deep dive into the Game Engine

Have you ever wondered how the game works? If so, check this out!

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AFK Arena is an interactive game that heavily relies on its own combat system. With beautiful animations and diversity in hero choice that increases with every newly released hero, the game has developed an interesting strategic system, distinguishing it from other Gacha-genre games.

With such great animations, how can gameplay not be fun?

However, understanding why the game is working the way it is isn’t simple. Scaling is pretty consistent, but it’s certainly not simple to understand why are things the way they are.

Lillith never explained what all of these actually do

The video does explain the basics, but we in Ze Gaming Club like to dive deep – so another related factoid to that video that we’ll exclusively explain here is the damage grace range. As explained in the video, basic attacks are calculated as the attacker’s attack subtracted by the enemy’s defence – but did you know the game never allows zero damage to be inflicted? If the case arises where the defender’s defence far exceeds the basic attacker’s attack, the game will determine in a way that’s not understood yet a number between 1 and 9, and that will be the amount of damage inflicted for each basic attack by the attacker for the rest of the match. The number seems consistent, but we can’t predict it yet 🙂

Another useful clarification is how the Rowan’s example in the video is easy: Rowan’s a mage, and all mages begin with 0 accuracy. Magic abilities cannot miss, unlike basic attacks; however, the accuracy accumulation across different heroes is pretty interesting to see: We advise you to check it for yourself!

This fact along with others comes from the Chinese test servers, explored in the AFK Arena community of They also found out the initial dodge formula change many players were interested to learn about.

We hope the summary and the tricks mentioned in this article will help you become the hero you were meant to be; let us know what you think about them below!

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3 years ago

Very interesting. Even some endgame players might find useful information from this video.