Warpath: Events Calendar

Warpath has been released not so long time ago and doesn’t have many events yet. However, knowing their frequency and requirements would allow you planning resources better and getting more rewards on every occasion.

Events are clickable – so you can quickly access related guide.
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Regardless of the event you’re participating in, here are 3 most important rules you need to remember about:

  1. Events go in cycles and some of their objectives match each other. Spend only those resources that earn points in both ongoing.
  2. Don’t aim for the 3rd reward crate if you’re not whaling / not saved enough resources upfront. Achieving 1st create is quite easy, 2nd one doesn’t require much effort too.
  3. Plan your resources on a weekly basis rather than on a daily one.

  • This week is #17
  • Today is Wednesday

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