State of Survival: Alliance Showdown – Event guide

Alliance Showdown is a regular event open to everyone within your Alliance. And it requires least effort among the current in-game events! For some reason, many beginners try avoiding it at all cost. I will clarify the event details to encourage those of your peers who still hesitate to actively participate in it!

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One of the oldest events in-game has been in the BETA status quite for a while. While it seems like developers completely forgot about its existence and players didn’t pay much attention to it either, out of the sudden event has got quite an important update – a prize shop. Now, on the top of the usual reward, you will additionally get special gold coins that could be exchanged for some hard-to-earn materials. See more details in the relevant section.

Alliance Showdown consists of multiple stages that I will cover individually below.

The overall idea of the event is 20 armies (of each participant) are fighting over 3 battlefield lanes. At both ends of each lane, there’s a flag and alliance who got more armies winning over will capture an opponents flag of that particular lane.

Before you start

  • You should have HQ Lvl. 10 or above, be part of an Alliance with at least 10 members;
  • You will NOT lose or get any troops wounded during this event.
  • Any troops and/or heroes registered in the event will NOT occupy a march slot and can be used for any in-game content outside of the event;
  • All Alliance members who have registered will receive the same rewards, regardless of the individual performance over the event stages.
  • You don’t need to do anything in this event once you have registered.

Event Stages

This event features several battles between all the participants’ teams placed all together in a group. All battles happen automatically and whoever scores 2 wins out of 3 will proceed to the next round.

Once all fights have happened, your Alliance will be ranked and earn rewards depending on the place in the leaderboard.

Registration Stage

Since the event requires 0 efforts from its participants, I strongly recommend everyone to participate in it. To register, just choose a lane and send your strongest troops / heroes to it. You can change your heroes and/or add more troops (in case you have powered up) during this stage as many times as you like.

For Participants

An even 33%-33%-33% split of highest tier troops is best. Maybe you can rebalance Hunters / Riders based on your top stats, but do not skimp on Infantry. If you win your first fight, you will lose a lot of Infantry. This leaves you extremely weak on the second fight. The only way to win both is to have enough infantry to reasonably last both rounds (see Battle Stage for details).

Heroes choice:

  • If you are F2P or a small-spender: go with Eva, Maddie, and your best brawler (Rusty, Chef or Wolfe, Nikola only in case he’s over levelled).
  • If you are P2P: Ash, Miho, and Zoe are the absolute best choices.
For Alliance Leader / Deputies

As mentioned earlier, only 2 wins out of 3 are required per each battle, so the general recommendation is the following:

  • 2 lanes are filled with your strongest members equally (i.e. left and right);
  • 1 lane is filled with everyone else (i.e. central one).

For example, your alliance has 100 members. 10 players have 100 mln+ battle power (BP), 20 players are 60 mln+, 30 players are 50 mln+ and rest are under 50 mln BP.

You may split those players in the example as follows:

  • Left lane: 5x 100 mln+, 10x 60 mln+, 15x 50 mln+;
  • Right lane: 5x 100 mln+, 10x 60 mln+, 15x 50 mln+;
  • Central lane: all players with 50 mln and less BP.

Important note: neither R5 (Alliance Leader) nor R4s (Alliance Deputy) is not able to register / move participants between lanes – make sure you check time to time if people are registering according to your plan.

If you missed the registration phase, you will NOT be able to register later on.

Matching Stage

Starting from this stage and onwards, you (as a participant) won’t be able to change your Heroes and/or troop configuration.

The game will automatically assign 6 random alliances from similar Showdown tiers into the same group.

  • You won’t be able to disband your alliance for the duration of the event;
  • Alliance members who have registered but left the alliance will remain in the same group / lane, but will NOT receive any rewards.

Preparation Stage

This is the stage where Alliance Leader and/or Deputy(s) should be able to shuffle registered participants between lanes, but such functionality is not yet implemented!

Battle Stage

While fighting:

  • Each Alliance’s participant can fight only 2 times at his lane;
  • Remaining troops of the lane fight winner will face the subsequent opponent in the list until all troops are defeated or until he fought 2 times at his lane;
  • The alliance that defeated all 20 opponent’s armies on particular lane will capture the flag on that lane.

After the fight:

  • Alliance will earn 3 points for capturing most of the flags.
  • Alliance will earn 0 points for capturing 0 or least flags;
  • In case of a tie (same amount of flags captured), both alliances will score 1 point.

Completion Stage

Once every Alliance has fought 5 times, group ranking is calculated.

  • The ranking is decided by the number of points scored by each Alliance;
  • If 2 alliances have the same amount of points, the higher ranking will be one with more flags captured AND more of enemy troops killed.


Each rank requires obtaining 5x to move one rank up. It also provides a respective amount of rewards depending on your alliance place in the group leaderboard.

I.e. my alliance was fighting in the Platinum I tier. In the group ranking we managed to score #4, so looking at Rank 4-5 table below you can see we’ve earned: 1x , 26 speedups, 345x resource crates and 10000x gold coins.

Rank 1

Tier# / LaneSPeedupsCratesCOINS
Bronze I104141859500
Silver I-II1541925011900
Gold I-III2032633514300
Platinum I-IV2033545516700
Diamond I-V2034761520200

Rank 2-3

Tier# / LaneSPeedupsCratesCOINS
Bronze I104121607600
Silver I-II154162159500
Gold I-III2032229511400
Platinum I-IV2033039513300
Diamond I-V2034153516200

Rank 4-5

Tier# / LaneSPeedupsCratesCOINS
Bronze I102111405700
Silver I-II152141907100
Gold I-III201192558600
Platinum I-IV2012634510000
Diamond I-V2013546512100

Rank 6

Tier# / LaneSPeedupsCratesCOINS
Bronze I10191203800
Silver I-II151121654800
Gold I-III200172205700
Platinum I-IV200233006700
Diamond I-V20-1314058100

Goods Swap

Depending on your event tier, you will earn a certain amount of Gold Coins. Please note you can exchange them only during a limited time!

Special thanks to

  • Request / SoS FR – for the data in the Rewards tables.
  • /u/andnp – for his Registration Stage tips on Reddit.
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3 years ago

What, apart from power, is taken into account in choosing an individual battle winner? I have an example where our player had 777 power and fought a player with 772. To further confuse me, their player was on his second battle, so I would assume even weaker, but, he beat us.

3 years ago

Hi 🙂 Why would you choose Eva and not Sarge for this event? Thanks 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  cloood

Eve has a debuff against enemy troops – 19,5% health. Sarge has a defense buff vs infected. Check your heroes statistics

Uzumaki Hime
Uzumaki Hime
3 years ago

Hi! How can i increase the power of my troops for this AS?