AFK Arena: Advanced Strategy: Substitutions

A brief introduction to substitutions: replacing top heroes to come up with the best solution for YOU! Nobody has everything. The art is making best of what you got!

This is an introduction to the idea of substitutions! Image credits.

Introducing the idea

The god comp is the most consistent team in the game to advance through single fight stages. The way it works is the team generates energy fast through various means, ulting faster than once every two seconds keep up Ezizh’s ult-canceling ability status. On top of that, the team has many heals, buffs and enemy debuffs that trigger as Mehira ults to inflict AoE charms, making the enemies deal mass amounts of damage to themselves while Talene cycles ults to inflict rising single target damage.

The most common variant of the godcomp, making up over 90% of the KT replays after floor 500.

However, this team is very expensive to acquire with 4 celestials and hypogeans – The best way to obtain most of them is the stargazer.

After I made my video about substitutions, I got a lot of PMs asking whether you can really substitute heroes for the godcomp, how consistently can you do it and how many heroes can be replaced. Because of this, I’m making this quick guide.


Role: Ultimate cancel.

Replacements: Oden, Ferael, both not very successful; the hardest piece to replace.


Role: AoE damage, energy regeneration & fast ultimates through her SI, causing damage that scales off of the enemy power.

Replacements: Tasi, Daimon, Ferael, Khazard, Flora.

Twins and Rowan

Role: Buffs, Heals, Faster team ulting after their ult, Basic attack damage increase for the main carry in their ult.

Replacements: Rosaline, Lyca, Estrilda.


Role: Team heals, Spiraling damage carry.

Replacements: Saurus(SI 30), Rosaline, Wukong.

Keep in mind substitutions sacrifice consistency, so they’re not a single solution to all issues you have. Doing more than 1 will really change the way the composition works – but they are a good method to come up with creative sets.

This probably won’t work much like the godcomp, if it even works at all.

Let me know below what you think, or what other substitutes you know of!

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