Swords of Legends Online: Classes Overview

Which class to play? See an overview below!

Guide author: ezzorathtv


  • Slayer spec is a melee DPS with high mobility and versatility. They use phantoms they must generate in battle to kill their enemies.
  • Drunken Master spec is a highly mobile tank with self healing and strong threat control.
  • All Berserkers can transform into a wolf and have others ride them.
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  • General spec is a less mobile DoT (bleed) or burst damage (combo based) DPS. You rotate between three combo abilities within cooldowns and buff yourself and the team. Melee based with conal abilities.
  • Phalanx spec are heavy tanks with the ability to more effectively off-tank with more damage. They must rotate between damage reduction abilities and maintaining perfect threat control of the enemy.
  • Spearmasters are able to summon a dog that the whole party may use for repairs.


  • Bladestorm spec is a fast (high haste) melee DPS that applies debuffs, has good mobility, creates clones to make damage(sometimes ranged), with solid single target burst damage for bosses and PvP.
  • Sword Artist spec can also debuff the enemies. They have good AoE with their ranged blade skills, and can reduce incoming damage by 50% in PvP and 20% PvE.
  • Spellswords can place down a teleport for their whole party to use to get from one spot to another within a raid (good for after raid wipe).
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  • Dissonance spec is similar to a mage in other games. Fire, Ice and Lightning abilities on a pure ranged rotation. Very high damage in PvE and high CC in PvP.
  • Harmony spec is a barrier healer. They apply barriers while healing single target allies but lack the AoE support to help several teammates at a time (bad for healing melee).
  • Both specs are able to invuln themselves in an ice block which regenerates HP while within as well.
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  • Assassin spec is a very difficult to master, long rotation, long build up into long damage build. In PvP, their invisibility will prove useful in the open world but easy to shut down in arenas.
  • Occultists are a very strong raid, 3v3, 10v10+, and open world healer. You apply AoE healing to the ground with very strong single target healing to back it up, with a very strong “raid saving” ability that heals the whole party for dangerous moments.
  • They are able to teleport.


  • Nature’s Wrath, fragile ranged DPS, summons a fox to fight beside you. Summon 3 elementals to deal damage. Capable of buffing the entire DPS party.
  • Nuwa’s Blessing, Strong Single target DoT healer with AoE heals. Good mobility, but easy to shut down. Summon a fey to help heal.

All Classes Skills Guide

Unlocking all of your skills is as easy as reaching max level, and then playing through your entire class tutorial. Each class is given a tutorial at the top of the cultivation menu, and once you’ve reached the class tutorial portion of this tutorial, they will teach you all of your skills for both of your specs.

As of the most recent expansion, all classes’ golden shell immunity skills and CC breaking skills have slightly changed. It is now critical on every class to have all the immunity you possibly can in your kit, as well as you watch for the golden shell on an opponent (PvP)

Skill and glyph resets are always free and can be done any time in any instance outside of combat.