Warpath: Resources, materials, components and other items

A complete list of all in-game items you can run across while playing Warpath. Where to find each one is included!


Warpath features over 50 items used for different purposes in the game – starting from building upgrades ending with parts crafting. Here I will go through every single piece, describe what it does and where to get it from. This is not meant to be a guide but more like a summary of items leading to each respective guide section of the zegaming.club Warpath wiki.

This page will be split, just like your in-game storage, into 4 categories:

  • resources;
  • materials;
  • components;
  • other items.

Check the table of contents to quickly navigate between the sections or simply search for the one you’re interested in.


See buildings guide here.

Military Funds– Collected from the mines;
– Obtained via daily quests;
– Rewarded via events;
– Purchased via VIP shop
– Purchased via Black Market;
– Granted as part of the Arms Deals package.
Military funds (a.k.a. benjamins) is your main resources to recruit troops.

It is also used as the 1st – out of 3 – resources for the building upgrades and technology researches.

Sometimes you can find a Black Market deal to be purchased in exchange for the funds.

Maintaining a sufficient amount of funds is the key element to prolonged PvP battles – since you will be losing troops, make sure you keep a few hundred thousand in your stock to be utilized for an emergency.
SteelSame as aboveSteel is the 2nd resource while upgrading your buildings or gaining new technologies. By the way, it is also most consumed one – once you reach building lvl. 25 and up.

Other than that, you can sometimes purchase rushes in exchange for steel at the Black Market and other goods at the VIP store.
Crude OilSame as aboveCrude Oil is the last resource you will need to upgrade any building or starting technology research.

Other than that, you can sometimes purchase rushes in exchange for steel at the Black Market and other goods at the VIP store.

Crude Oil can be also used to buy some energy refills from the VIP store – I’d strongly recommend doing that on the weekly basis.
Reserve TroopsN/A – recovery is done automatically by 1 unit per 20 minutes (raw value)Troop Capacity/Reserves is the indicator of how many troops you’ve got left to recruit. The total amount depends on your VIP level and barracks capacity while its recovery speed can be increased through your military technologies, VIP level and alliance research.

Since Warpath is a large-scale PvP game, a player(s) who maintain their troop capacity correctly are the ones who win the battle by depleting their enemy reserves.
Gold– Obtained via daily quests;
– By completing in-game missions and events;
– Via the in-game shop;
– Via the subscription packages.
Gold is the hardest to earn currency but the most useful one. While you can get nearly everything in exchange for gold, F2P/low-spenders should invest every piece into their VIP level.

Note: there are different sites not affiliated with the game developer as well as discord/social network groups offering to buy Warpath gold. Please be aware this is illegal and you can lose your account, get it banned or both while attempting to buy gold outside of the game.

Sometimes, game developers issue a gift code that can be redeemed via the special menu for different in-game bonuses, including gold.

You can find all the latest gift codes here.
Emergency energy– Obtained via daily quests;
– Purchased via the VIP store.
Energy is used with a single purpose of collecting resources after defeating raven units and bunkers. It also regenerates naturally (1 point/15 minutes) through the day until hits the 150 points cap.

If you ran out of energy, emergency energy bottles can be consumed to restore a certain amount (20, 50 or 100).

You can also purchase a 100 points refill for 3000 gold (which I would not recommend) by tapping + icon next to the bar.
Planks– Produced via factory;
– Obtained by eliminating Raven units;
– Purchased via the Black Market.
Planks are the 1st of 6 materials used for building upgrades (yes, you need both cash/steel/oil and a certain amount of materials for upgrading any).

Since the amount varies depending on the building and its current level, you can find a dedicated page with all the upgrade requirements.
BricksSame as aboveSame as above
CementSame as aboveSame as above
I-BeamsSame as aboveSame as above
AsphaltSame as aboveSame as above
ConcreteSame as aboveSame as above
Army EXP– Campaign;
– Raven bunkers;
– VIP store;
– In-game shop;
– Event rewards;
– Black Market.
Army experience is the first requirement for unit upgrades. The most important and stable source is actually passive – you will just earn some 24×7. The rate depends on your campaign progress – the further you advance, the more you earn per hour.

If you would like to get more than that, it is also rewarded while defeating Ravens – both units and bunkers.

Please note you can’t find the exact value of your army exp in the supplies interface but it’s visible in the campaign menu and while you upgrade any unit.
AmmunitionSame as abovePretty much same as army exp, ammunition is also passively earned via the campaign and collected by defeating Ravens.
Components– Disassembling units;
– VIP store;
– In-game shop;
– Event rewards;
– Black Market.
Your main source of components is disassembling 3-stars units. Similar to army exp and ammo, they can be also purchased at different places and earned via the events.

You can find components upgrade requirements per each tier here.


See events calendar here.

Universal Rush– Daily quests;
– VIP store;
– In-game shop;
– Event rewards;
– Black Market.
Universal rushes can be used for both research and production speed up. Their value starts at 1 minute and goes all the way up to 72 hours.
Technology RushSame as aboveTech rushes can be used for research timer speed up. Their value starts at 1 minute and goes all the way up to 72 hours.
Production RushSame as aboveProd rushes can be used for production timer speed up. Their value starts at 1 minute and goes all the way up to 72 hours.

Officer items

See officers here.

Officer EXP– Officer Missions;
– Gifts shop.
These experience books are used to increase the Officer’s level. They can drop with a 50k, 100k and 200k value.
Gold Statue– VIP store;
– VIP daily chest;
– Lucky Wheel event;
– Event rewards;
– Gifts shop.
Gold statues are one of the most valuable resources in Warpath. You can use them to upgrade any Officer’s skills.

Starting from VIP lvl. 9, you get 1 gold statue from the daily VIP chest, thus is very important to get there as soon as possible, both for F2P and P2P players.
Percy StatueMain missionsPercy is the most F2P officer to max out – you simply get a certain amount of her statues through the main missions.

Getting all of them would require levelling up any officer to the maximum level (60).
Randall StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
Spanner StatueDaily CratesJack Spanner’s statues are currently available through 3 daily special chests. Please note purchasing any of them doesn’t guarantee to drop a statue!
Wolf StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
Eruptor StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
Shevchenko StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
Mary StatueGrand ShowdownBloody Mary’s statues are given as top rank rewards (both daily and event global) of the Grand Showdown event.
Fox StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
Borden StatueN/ACurrently, they don’t drop.
GoT StatueVIP giftsGuardian of Truth is the only P2P officer in the game – you can get his statues only via VIP gifts. To max him out, you will need to purchase all of them from VIP lvl. 0 to 9. Approximate cost is $225.

Crafting materials

See crafting here.

BlueprintCertain Campaign missionsBlueprints are dropped from campaign missions, starting with low-quality at the early stages, then silver and eventually gold ones at stage 6 and onwards.

Blueprints can have 3 quality levels – copper (low quality), silver (medium) and gold (high) – as result, it will product unit part of the given quality.
Copper Parts ChestPassively via CampaignCopper Parts chests are dropped from the campaign at a certain (depending on your progress). Once opened, you will get a random amount of Copper Components (7 different – described below).
Optional Copper Parts– Grand Showdown event;
– Arms Race event.
Similar to Copper Parts Chest, this one grants one of the 7 Copper Components – but you can choose whatever you need.
Optional Silver Parts– Jurisdiction event;
– VIP store;
– VIP daily chest;
– Black Market;
– Gifts shop.
Similar to Copper Parts Chest, this one grants one of the 7 Silver Components – but you can choose whatever you need.
Optional Gold PartsCurrently, they don’t drop.Similar to Copper Parts Chest, this one grants one of the 7 Gold Components – but you can choose whatever you need.
Machining ComponentCopper Parts Chest, Silver Parts Chest, Gold Parts ChestComponents are used to assemble unit parts via blueprints. Similar to blueprints, they exist in the 3 quality levels: copper (low), silver (quality) and gold (superior).

You can exchange components with the following ratio:
100x copper -> 1x silver
100x silver -> 1x gold

Each particular blueprint requires a different amount of copper/silver/gold components to produce a unit part.
Casting ComponentSame as aboveSame as above
Stamping ComponentSame as aboveSame as above
Electronic ComponentSame as aboveSame as above
Precision ComponentSame as aboveSame as above
Light Industry Raw MaterialSame as aboveSame as above
Chemical Raw MaterialSame as aboveSame as above

Other items

Entry Permit– Grand Showdown event;
– Arms Race event;
– VIP store;
– Gift shop.
Entry Permits allow you to travel between cities. Your alliance has to control a Transport node to enable travelling. You can only travel to cities connected with each other via Transport routes (– – — – — line on the global map) and transfer can be done up to 3 times per 1 day (regardless of how many permits you have in your storage!).
Transfer Instructions– Jurisdiction event;
– VIP store.
Allows performing Airlift. Without VIP bonuses, you can perform up to 3 per day (regardless of how many instructions you have in your storage!) with an 8 hours cooldown to restore 1 attempt.
Universal 5-stars Component– Jurisdiction event;
– VIP store.
50 pieces allow you to summon a random 5-stars unit.
Universal 4-stars Component– Jurisdiction event;
– VIP store;
– Daily quests.
50 pieces allow you to summon a random 4-stars unit.
City Contribution BadgesCity lvl 2+ events;
– Gift shop.
Badges are required to research City Honors technologies, boosting your Grand Showdown and Arms Race points.
Lvl X Crate (Alliance)Farming a mine on the alliance territoryApart from a 25% farming speed boost, you also obtain a small random reward from these crates. Rewards get better when farming higher level mines.

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