State of Survival: How to speed up your construction in a smart way

Construction is one of the key parts of the game and doing it effectively is not an easy task. Let’s go through some essential tips about how to build your base quickly.

Upgrading your HQ and other building takes not only resources but time. And sadly, it grows exponentially for every next level of the upgrade. There are few tips, that could save you tons of time if you follow them wisely.

Tip #1: State construction boost

The easiest one to use, but the hardest one to get. Can be turned on by State Governor only (person who controls the Capital). That means, every construction started during a 24h windows will be 10% quicker.

Tip #2: Settlement construction buff

Can be activated via “Settlement buffs” menu of your HQ: starting from 10% increase for 2000 biocaps and 2 hours period, followed by more expensive options with 15% boost and a longer period. Please note buff only works for the mentioned time.

Since boost period are short, use those speedups only when you have an excess of biocaps

Tip #3: VIP construction speed increase

VIP level 4 has also 10% buff, so make sure you activate your VIP before you launch construction.

Bonus applies only when VIP is active

Tip #4: Chief construction speed talent

One of the best Economy talents pre HQ level 30 – Rapid Deployment -decreases your construction and research timers by 20%! Has to be activated manually and also has 24h cooldown window.

To find it, go to your Chief screen -> Talents -> Economy tab

Tip #5: Research technology to increase construction speed

Various skills in your development tree provide a boost to your building speed. Even though they are long to research, it is totally worth investment, since their effect is permanent.

12 and a half day research time for a 1.8% increase… not much, but at least it is permanent!


After applying all boosts, you can see building timers are reduced significantly!

I.e. it originally takes 34 days upgrading HQ from level 28 to 29, but with all tips applied was reduced to 15 days only due to a 62.50% reduction on my account.

Check your current boosts by tapping your Chief icon, then going to Stats and scrolling down to see the Development summary:

Sweet decrease, isn’t it? 🙂

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2 years ago

What about Becca? Do you just level her to increase her construction buff? Also do you have to activate it somehow or is it automatic?