Swords of Legends Online: Life Skills Guide

Another aspect of the game which you might get involved in on a regular basis.

Guide author: ezzorathtv


Life skills allow performing various in-game activities aside from daily stuff. Some of them provide quite a boost to your character!

Important Notes

  • Cooking, Fishing, and Leisureland activities all have a level associated with them. You will automatically unlock skills and passives for each as you increase in level. You can find cooking and fishing in the Ancestral Record menu (ctrl + y)
  • Cooking requires a cooking station, Crafting can be done out of the Qiankun bag anywhere, and Fishing requires a fishing hole + pole and bait. Upkeep on all three costs gold.
  • All resources nodes have a chance to have rare material drops, which can shorten the time needed to refine lower end materials.


  • You can craft Talismans, Elixir refills, Gear, Transmogs, Companion upgrades, and gems for socketing.
  • You can get the rarest materials from clearing high-end content like Hard Mode dungeons and raids, but many things crafted can be made from resources found in the open world from random nodes scattered throughout.
  • Most things you craft you can trade, to then make some Gold from. Sometimes, acquiring the recipe for the craft is more difficult than the materials.
  • You can find Elixir and Talisman recipes at Vendors and within raids from loot drops.
  • Max crafting level is 12.


  • Cooking becomes a very important life skill for min-maxing. You’ll use ingredients from resource gathering, fishing, and treasure hunting to create varying different food buffs.
  • Depending on your occupation and whether for PvE or for PvP, there are different food recipes you’ll want to acquire to make different food buffs.
  • Some of the higher end recipes can only be acquired from Raids, so you’ll have to either pay for those, have someone in your raid hand it over or win the loot drop yourself. Like many crafts in this game, cooking has a 100% success rate.
  • You can create varying quality foods, and as your level increases your probability for higher quality food increases.


  • For fishing, there are different recipes, fish, and materials to catch in different maps or regions of the game, including your own home.
  • Fishing is a vital ingredient for cooking recipes, you can fish in any area with water.
  • There are two different fishing holes: Blue and Gold. Blue fishing holes are personal spots while gold is competed for publicly. Blue holes refresh biweekly-weekly, and gold holes refresh a fraction faster. When approaching a fishing hole, you can tell whether it is blue or gold by it’s visual indication and you can hover over the fishing hole to see the available drops.
  • There is a set of stats and thus gear attached to fishing. You can acquire this fishing equipment and these fishing stats by acquiring crafted recipes earned from your fishing currency.

Resource Gathering

  • You may gather loads of different resources while adventuring from various different qualities.
  • Generally, it can be quite useful to hold onto all of these. These can be used for the recipes mentioned above in crafting, cooking, and elixirs as well.
  • Different maps have different nodes available.
  • Resources have three tiers: Crude, Refined, and Essence.
    2 Crude = 1 Refined, 3 Refined = 1 Essence.
  • Like fishing, there are stats and gear attached to gathering in the open world.

Treasure Hunting

  • For different maps, there are different chests you can hunt down for resources and treasures inside.
  • Each map has different chests for you to hunt down to acquire both materials and ingredients.
  • Ingredients help you cook, while materials help you craft.
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