Swords of Legends Online

Game Introduction

Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in a breathtaking fantasy world with sophisticated combat mechanics and a unique storyline based on Chinese mythology. Explore the world with 6 different classes, engage in epic PvP encounters, take on challenging dungeons and reach the fascinating endgame.

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Terms Dictionary

Learn the basic terminology to start in the game.

CultivationThe Cultivation Menu (in the top right) will be your bread and butter for “What to do” throughout the game. It features a production list(second tab, third column) that gives you all daily and weekly activities in a list. You may also reach your normal dungeon queues and all daily tasks from this window.
Ancestral RecordsAncestral Records will be your Ctrl+Y menu, which will open up Blood Ruvia(bounty hunting) and Turquoise Lantern (ghost hunting) objectives daily and weekly. You will complete these to get Sanriku Fragments which can be combined into a full Sanriku Stone, used to buy Gear Score 375 equipment.
Item QualityDetermines the quality level of a piece of equipment. The highest gear score equipment will always be Level 4 in terms of quality and will be fit for level 4 upgrades.
Sealstones / UpgradesEach piece of gear can be upgraded to +1, +3, +5, or +6 depending on the overarching Item Quality. Depending on the Item Quality, you will need a level I, II, or III sealstone which may be earned from PvE or PvP or crafted from lesser sealstones at the crafting bench.

All gear will need to be upgraded fully for end-game content.
TalismanAll weapons and armour can be enchanted with a talisman. Every class will want different talismans with different attribute bonuses applied to them.

This is extremely important to your statistical increases for the late game.
SocketingAll jewellery and relics may be equipped with a gem in the socket. Here you will want to find the highest quality gem with the most relevant stats to your character build.

You will have to upgrade the gems you may want, which will require buying the corresponding recipe from the Cloudrise Recipe Tutor.

To apply a gem, shift+click the gear to begin socketing
SoulforceYour Soulforce is a powerful extra piece of equipment rewarded at the end of the main storyline. This will be upgraded and socketed for great power throughout the endgame.

Sockets can be bought in your alt+p shop.
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Currencies & Sources

Where to obtain and what are they used for.

CurrencySourceUsed for
Amulet of Heaven & EarthDailies and PvPTransferred to gold at a rate of 10 amulets = 1 gold


Specific dailies, Memory Box Completion, logging inAnother avenue to purchasing extra gear and talismans
Leisureland TokensLeisureland minigame dailies and weekliesCosmetics, titles, nothing with the power
Blood Ruvia CurrencyBlood Ruvia / Bounty hunting open world events, dailies, and weekly activities.Can purchase gear, Sanriku Fragments for more gear, collectable skins and titles
Turquoise Lantern CurrencyTurquoise Lantern / Ghost Hunting open world events, dailies, and weekly activities.Can purchase gear, Sanriku Fragments for more gear, collectable skins and titles

PVP – Dueling SealsPvP Dailies, 3v3’s, and 5v5sOne of your main sources of PvP gear & talismans
PVP – Writs of the ContinentPvP Dailies and Weeklies, 10v10s, 15v15s, Faction vs. Faction, Open World, and 5v5v5v5One of your main sources of PvP gear & talismans
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Items / Materials & Uses

Where to obtain and what are they used for.

NameSourceUsed for
Sanriku FragmentsDaily / Weekly Quests, Weekly Ancestral Record purchases, various rotating activities, open-world events, bosses, rotating leisurelands, Dungeons and RaidsRequired to obtain 375 + Gear Score gear from the Secret Shop. Can be combined for Pages.

Sanriku Page
Combining Sanriku Fragments in the Secret Shop for a cost of goldRequired to obtain 375+ Gear Score from the Secret Shop, and Blue Crystals for Upgrades.
Sanriku TextClearing weekly Raids on Hard Difficulty + yields Sanriku TextRequired to purchase 390 + Gear Score equipment in the Secret Shop.
Ryuku CrystalsMemory Boxes and Daily / Weekly questsRequired to upgrade 345-359 Gear Score equipment to 360.
Blue CrystalsPurchased in the Secret Shop with Sanriku Pages.

Crafted with 10 Ryuku Crystals
Required to upgrade 360-374 Gear Score equipment to 375.
PvE Sealstone INormal Raids and Dungeons, Daily / Weekly Quests, Memory Box Clears, rotating Open World bosses and QuestsRequired to upgrade Tier 3 Equipment, combined to create PvE Sealstone II.
He Qi JadeBought in Cloudrise in the Top Right, across from the Writs of the Continent VendorRequired to craft PvE Sealstone II.
PvE Sealstone IICombine PvE Sealstone I with He Qi Jade to create Sealstone IIRequired to upgrade Tier 2 Equipment and low-end Tier 1 Equipment, combined to create PvE Sealstone III.
PvE Sealstone IIICombine PvE Sealstone II in craftingRequired to Upgrade 390 Gear Score equipment.
Bi Ye HuoWeekly Hard Mode DungeonsRequired to Upgrade Quality 3 Gems to Quality 4(+36).
Spiritual ArrayWeekly Tower DefenseRequired to upgrade and purchase better Soulforce Amulets and Sockets.
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