State of Survival: General tips

If you just started playing or you’re in for a while – these tips can be useful for both. I gathered bits and pieces of information from multiple sources: starting from tips about managing in-game resources, recurring events, progressing heroes ending up with purchasing in-game content. Maximum efficiency for F2P and smart spending for anyone interested – those were my priorities.

You’re also welcome to share more in the comments!

Tip #1 – Spend all your resources during events only

It is way more effective to invest absolutely ALL resources (hero fragments, hero gear, chief gear, medals, speedups, biocaps) during the event challenges (i.e., Survival of the Fittest or Alliance Throwdown).

If you save enough, getting the highest tier objectives will reward you with a nice amount of biocaps, legendary badges, epic searches etc.

Always check both “Contest” and “Classic” tabs of your challenges dashboard to find an approaite one.

Tip #2 – All major events are repeated on a weekly basis

It might change in the future or be slightly different on your server, but there’s a pattern of major events:

  • Survival of the Fittest every 1st and 3rd weeks;
  • Alliance Throwdown every 2nd and 4th weeks;
  • Capital Clash is every 2nd week;
  • Reservoir Raid is every 2nd week;
    and so on…

Check your in-game events calendar (it is the 2nd tab of your upper right corner Events Billboard).

Tip #3 – Focus one type of resources per event day

As you can see on the example screenshot above, Survival of the Fittest Day 5 requires spending speedups on construction, research and troops training. Very often, there’s a parallel event (Classic category one) that also requires you to, for example, train X amount of troops per day.

What does that mean? Do NOT spend construction&research speedups in your first event, only troops one. You will likely have an opportunity to spend those during further days of the same Survival of the Fittest event (or just leaving them for future events will also do).

Tip #4 – Not sure what to do?

No worries, just ask in the comments and we’ll get you covered!

Bonus tips:

  • Once you completed Influencer Trap and got hero gear parts – DO NOT rush to immediately upgrade the gear, it is better to wait 2-3 days for a relevant event;
  • Do not use speedups for anything outside of events. EVER!
  • Try to start longer (more than a day) constructions or lab researches in a way they won’t end on Sunday (usually a day with least events) and on Monday (usually this day has events for using accelerators, but that’s not a 100% rule). If you guess and there will be a an objective to increase your settlement strength score through construction \ research upgrades – you will basically get points for free;
  • ALWAYS participate in Capital Clash every 2nd week. It is not necessary to relocate under the capital, you can simply send troops from where you’re (yeah, raid time could be like 30 minutes, but you’ve got like 24 hours to do that). Same as with Influencer Trap, DO NOT improve the medals immediately, wait a week or two before the appropriate event kicks in.

Which heroes to prioritize?

  • Sergeant, Meddie&Frank, Chef – those 3 are priority for F2P;
  • Lucky, Ray&Rolex, Miho – if you don’t mind spending real $.

See my detailed heroes guide for a complete overview.

Where to spend biocaps?

  • Legendary heroes vouchers: approx. once per week you can invest up to 15.000 biocaps for 100 vouchers, with the exchange rate of 7-10 voucher per 1 hero fragment (depending on hero type);
  • Ray’s roulette: you can win random heroes during your spin attempts. Also 5th, 15th, 35th (and so on) boxes have additional legendary heroes fragments. If you go for one, spin wheel 9 times for 10 attempts (approx. 14.000 biocaps, so you save a 1.000);
  • If you need extra attempts on Alliance Throwdown;
  • Increasing your VIP level (500 points cost 2.000 biocaps) is a nice long-term investment.
  • In case you desperately need speedups to finish certain event objective – you can buy 50 x 5 minutes speedups in the VIP shop for 2.000 biocaps. Requires VIP level 4.

What to buy for real money?

  • Growth kit is a nice long-term investment to get 250.000 biocaps;
  • Daily drop – only way to get additional 10x Chief Stamina per day;
  • Chief gear – quite rare and long time to farm;
  • Medals – same;
  • Decorations and skins – because they look nice 🙂
Chief Gear and Medals both give significant power boost

What NOT to buy for real money?

  • Heroes: only a few can’t be obtained via in-game events, but those few are very expensive to build.
  • Speedups: you will get plenty of those via in-game events, so buying them for real money brings little value. Also, you won’t be able to insta-build HQ level 30 due to prosperity wall.
  • Resources (food, wood, etc.): same as above, you can farm those. When doing so, focus more on metal and gas, cause food and wood are rewarded in abundance.
  • Meddie&Frank hero fragments: only legendary hero you obtain from multiple sources and will eventually maximize by just playing. There’s no need to rush.
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3 years ago

Bro I need help unlocking Research Lab Level 6 I am stuck do I need to upgrade my VIP to Level 8?

3 years ago

bro can you help me understand the mechanics or how the growth kit work? Is like the Incubator?

3 years ago

awesome, thanks a lot. 🙂 I just have one more question if its not that much trouble for you, there is no site nor video that can straight up tell how much the Legendary Hero Fragments costs in the VIP store. I am 2 levels aways and wondering if its worth the effort to rush my VIP points.

3 years ago

Thanks man.

3 years ago

Which one is better, upgrading Hero Gear or Chief Gear? Both are stuck because I need those Set Designs or Tactical Gear Designs and it’s very hard to get those for free. So I need to buy those bundles, but I need to focus either Hero Gear or Chief Gear.

3 years ago

Hi everyone!!! I like this page very much!! it´s very helpfull!!!

I need help in alliance tech… don’t really know if waste time in hospital maybe you can explain the differents techs…

In our alliance we started studing and increasing all members capacity
then we studied and increased help (time and how much) and then to increased boost in Attack, Defense, lethality and health… bue there are more that we don´t know their function…

Thanks (and sorry… my english its not good)