State of Survival: Hero Gear Overview

Hero Gear is the most efficient way to boost your overall Batlle Power. Once a piece is researched, it is equipped automatically to all applicable heroes!


Hero Gear is unlocked at HQ Lvl. 15 and provides a decent boost to your Hero damage and overall Battle Power.
Hero Gear is split into 3 categories:
  • Brawler – affecting your Brawler Heroes (specialized on Infantry troops)
  • Marksman – affecting your Marksman Heroes (specialized on Hunter troops)
  • Scout – affecting your Scout Heroes (specialized on Rider troops)

In each category, you can craft 3 different pieces:

  • Googles – affecting specialized troops Health and Lethality
  • Boots – affecting specialized troops Health and Lethality
  • Vest – affecting specialized troops Health

Finally, each piece has 5 Levels, thus can be upgraded 5 times. You can’t unlock next Tier of Hero Gear if you haven’t maxed (5 starts) the previous one.

You can obtain Hero Gear Parts & Gear Designs from:

  • Influencer Trap
  • Alliance Store (in the newer states only)
  • In-game Bundles (for real $)

Below you can see requirements to research 1 piece of the Gear and a total per each Gear Tier.

Gear Benefits

Each type of Hero Gear will have a certain impact on the respective troops’ Health and/or Lethality stats. You can see a particular % increase in the tables below.

Brawler – Infantry Gear
Marksman – Hunter Gear
Scout – Rider Gear

Special thanks to

  • Request / SoS FR – for Brawler / Marksman / Scout gear stats & requirements.
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Obed Ginchinlun (@ObedZou)

It would be awesome if you could also leave tips and guides about leveling up gears. like which gear to upgrade first, which to prioritise and why etc.

3 years ago

If your goal is to increase squad power for explorer mission, then upgrade them equally. If your squad is off-balanced, whenever you receive a Tip-off, the difficulty level will be based on the strongest hero, which makes it impossible for you to clear.
If your goal is to lead a rally, upgrade your infantry hero gears first, they will provide much needed support for your infantry which usually take the brunt of the attack. The longer they last, the stronger your rally will be.
If you are a rally member, and looking to rank higher in Trap, upgrade your hunter hero gear, they will increase your pure attack, giving you higher kills and higher score/rank.

3 years ago

Hero gear is unlocked at HQ 16, not 15.