Warpath: VIP Levels and Benefits

On this page, you will find a short VIP guide, explaining how to level up your VIP level and what kind of benefits you can obtain by doing that.


VIP Level in Warpath unlocks lots of useful features. There are 2 types of benefits:

  • passive benefits: working all time as soon as you reach a certain level;
  • daily collectables: some goodies you collect from the daily chest.

Since Warpath is more like a marathon game and not a sprint one, getting high VIP level at the beginning will help you growing faster.

How to level up your VIP

You can do that in several different ways:

  • logging to the game: you can get up to 200 points per day from the chest on the VIP page;
  • buying items from the in-game shop: most obvious and effective. Every time you purchase any bundle, it comes with a certain amount of VIP points in it;
  • buying VIP points via gold: recommended one both for F2P and P2P players till you reach VIP 4 / VIP 8;
  • collecting alliance gifts: Patriot ones can randomly drop some VIP points as well, especially if your alliance mates are purchasing expensive items.

Please note you do NOT get VIP points when purchasing stuff through the Foreign Exchange, Arms Deals and Power Play tabs!

Important Milestones

There are 3 major milestones while levelling up your VIP that I recommend getting ASAP.

  1. VIP 4: grants you a Universal Coupon from the daily VIP chest. Also, adds access to the Investments tab of the in-game shop, where you can buy a huge amount of gold upon reaching certain HQ levels.
  2. VIP 8: this one adds Silver Parts into the daily VIP chest. Also, you can purchase a $50 Covert Masons package granting numerous benefits.
  3. VIP 9: next important milestone due to the Universal Coupon being replaced by a Camp Coupon (allowing you to draw a card of a chosen faction). But what is more important, at this level you start getting 1 Gold Officer Statue from the daily VIP chest!

Level and Benefits Summary

On the picture below, you can find all VIP levels and daily VIP chest content compared.

Upd. Mar 1st, 2021 – 5 more VIP levels added. Please note they are visible ONLY after reaching VIP 15.

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3 years ago

Can you tell about price in the VIP store please?