State of Survival: Influencer Trap – Event guide

Influencer Trap is a special alliance event that can be unlocked every 48 hours. However, I was not able to find a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of the event – starting from positioning, roles, rally setup and timers ending up with optimal heroes choice and even some memes! I hope this information will be useful for every player, no matter if he’s a beginner or an experienced one.

Version history:
1.6 - 22/01/2020 - trap levels 6 to 8 added;
1.5 - 04/12/2020 - major rework due to the in-game update;
1.4 - 15/10/2020 - updated with T5 Heroes;
1.3 - 03/09/2020 - once again, trap damage is different - I've uploaded a video and updated troop choice section.
1.2 - 24/08/2020 - after further testing, Hero Choice page was corrected (again);
1.1 - 20/08/2020 - correction to the Hero Choices & Rally Timers;
1.0 - 05/08/2020 - guide created.
Video-guide to make sure you beat those Summoners easily!


This event can be activated only by the Alliance Leader or any R4 officers. To do that, a special Alliance building – Influencer Trap – has to be completed first. Don’t build it too close to your HQ or mountains – you will need A LOT of space around it for your alliance members to occupy.

Influencer Trap has 6 difficulty levels and several bosses (a.k.a. Monstrous Summoners) on each of them. You can proceed to fight the next boss only if you defeated the previous one. There are different tactics for each level, but the most important one is making sure you have enough people online. To achieve that, Alliance Leader / Deputies are expected to communicate Trap opening time well in advance and – ideally – stick to the same time slots per week regularly.

Energy Cells will grant you an attack buff (up to +25%). Each member can donate by opening the event page through the Events Billboard screen.

Once opened, your alliance has only 30 minutes to beat the boss.

  • If the boss is killed or 30 minutes timer expires, the trap will go into 48 hours cooldown and Energy Cells can be donated again.
  • If the boss is killed before 30 minutes timer expires, a group of zombies will appear instead. Attacking it will grant additional rewards.
You can manually open the trap once the cooldown is over or set it up to start automatically at certain date and time (not more than 3 days ahead).

Before you start

  • Switch your Chief talents over to the WAR tree;
  • A Peace Flare will not allow you attacking the trap – if you bring it down remember that you won’t be able to shield for the next 30 minutes;
  • Make sure you have enough troops for TWO full rallies (recall them from farming in advance);
  • Your troops will NOT get wounded during the event;
  • The event might take up to 1 hour to complete – make sure you have enough time, otherwise inform you R4 / R5.
  • Event rewards are sent immediately depending on your event performance (your aggregated damage across all rallies you participated in);
  • No need to get upset if you were not able to kill Summoner – individual rewards will NOT be affected. If you managed to kill one, all event participants will only get some additional Alliance Silver Coins.


You need to surround the Influencer Trap with your strongest Alliance members. Not only battle power matters, but their 3 main heroes and their rally capacity are also very important (I will explain it later on in this guide).

Since there are 8 spots around, to start with I suggest the following:

  • 4 closest (12 o’clock, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm) are your Top 1-4 members;
  • 4 on diagonals are your Top 5-8 members.
Top 8Top 1Top 5
Top 4Site LogoTop 2
Top 7Top 3Top 6

Once your Alliance has beaten easier levels, you may need to add more people around – either to create more rallies (if you have a lot of active members) or just as a backup of the top 8. Here’s an improved setup:


Roles and Responsibilities

To complete this event all alliance members have to work as one team. There are 2 main roles assigned, each with its responsibilities, but I would also like to stress the importance of doing preparations adequately.

Rally Owner (a.k.a. your Alliance Leader / Deputy)

  1. Communicates Trap time in advance. Preferably in UTC, if your alliance has members with different timezones.
    • If these time slots are fixed (and won’t change over time), it will allow more people to plan their participation well in advance. I.e. you can schedule something like Tuesday 5 pm, Thursday 7 pm, Sunday 10 am;
    • Do remind everyone via an in-game group message / alliance discord / etc. 24 hours before the event to ensure maximum online;
  2. Drafts a plan (rally setup) depending on the number of members online.
  3. Reminds everyone (especially new joiners) about specific troops combination and Hero choice (see the relevant section below).
  4. Makes sure Rally Leaders are online and are clear with the Rally Setup;
  5. Opens the trap when the time comes.

Rally Leaders (a.k.a. your strongest alliance members)

  1. Setups his troop formation in advance (see below).
  2. Communicates to the Rally Owner he’s online;
  3. Makes himself familiar with today’s plan;
  4. Launches rally ASAP according to the plan;
  5. Kicks out rally members who have wrong Heroes / troops combination.

Rally Joiners (a.k.a. the rest of your alliance members)

  1. Setups his troop formation in advance (see below).
  2. (optional) Communicates to the Rally Owner he’s online;
  3. Jumps into earliest rally possible, even if not all his troops will fit into available rally capacity;

Rally Timers

Since the trap mechanic has been reworked, every alliance member can do the following:

  • Start 1 rally at the trap. This rally doesn’t count in your overall rally limit;
  • Join up to 6 (depends on your VIP level) other rallies.

However, due to the limited amount of strong Heroes and (sometimes) limited amount of troops, joining all 6 rallies wouldn’t be always efficient or even possible.

That’s why, as far as we tested, the recommendation is to maintain 3 strong troop formations. See later sections for optimal Heroes choice depending on your account / state evolution.

  1. Squad A: your best Heroes – you start rallies with those;
  2. Squad B/C: your second best 6 Heroes – you join rallies with those.

Once the setup is done, A squads are sent by Rally Leaders. Squads B/C are used by Rally Joiners to fill any available rallies.

Summoner LEVEL 1-3

Monstrous Summoner is quite weak at this stage because he has very low HP. All you need to do is to ensure as many people as possible hit him at least once. I suggest simply doing a pair of rallies with your strongest Rally Leaders and 500 troops limit for all participants. That will cover 40 people in your alliance (due to 20 participants rally limit). If you have more people online, just reduce the number of troops per rally and launch a 3rd one.

With each next Summoner level, you will need to increase the number of troops per rally. I.e. on Lvl. 10 we’ve sent a pair of rallies having around 2000 troops each (with 40 people online), on Lvl. 15 it was 5000 or so. Troops were T8 tier, those who had T9 or T10 sent little bit less. If you don’t kill it in the first 2 rallies – don’t worry, just start a few more and reduce the number of troops per rally depending on how much HP left.


This setup is currently being tested. Guide will be updated if more efficient combination is found.

Rally 3Rally 2Rally 4
Rally 1Site LogoRally 1
Rally 4Rally 2Rally 3

This setup is pretty straightforward – your 2 strongest alliance players open trap with 1 rally each using their Squad A, 10-15 seconds later next 2 strongest players do the same, then again until you have 8 rallies open.

Rest of people join the rallies with the following setup: first 4 joiners are using their Squad A, rest are using any (A, B or C). Why is that so? Because 4 rally joiners contribute to the rally damage.

Trap timerTime differenceRallies
30:0000:00Rally 1
29:4500:15Rally 2
29:3000:15Rally 3
29:1500:15Rally 4


Not implemented in the game yet. Developers will release it at some point in future, but the date is not known.

Rally 8Rally 4Rally 8
Rally 6Rally 3Rally 1Rally 3Rally 6
Rally 5Rally 2Site LogoRally 2Rally 5
Rally 7Rally 3Rally 1Rally 3Rally 7
Rally 8Rally 4Rally 8
No idea what rally setup will be needed for last levels of the trap…

Rally Setup

The first and most important thing is to prepare your troop formation in advance.

Second question is what affects your damage to the Influence Trap and why it might be different between 2 identical rallies? Because following variables are taken into damage equation:

  • Troops tier;
  • March capacity;
  • Hero power (including skills and gear power);
  • Chief Talents;
  • Battle tree researches at your Lab.

So if you’ve sent same heroes with a specific amount of troops but your damage is lower than your peer with the same setup – make sure you took into account one or all of the items described above.

And the last important thing – you need to remember that for Rally Leader(s) 3 skills of his 3 heroes are taken into account, while Rally Joiner(s) can contribute to the rest of rally only with his first Hero skill.

That’s why quite important is to remember:

  • for Rally Leaders: put strongest Heroes with maxed skills;
  • for Rally Joiners: put your strongest Hero first.

Troops Choice

After numerous testing done by Collab Team, for Summoner Level 5 and up, there’s only one and most effective troop formula:

  • 5% Infantry
  • 30% Riders
  • 65% Hunters

You can try going with 100% Hunters or any other combination of Riders/Hunters (i.e. 50%/50%) and your personal damage might be higher. However, it is not recommended: if every rally participant does the same instead of using formation above, the total damage of the rally will be lower, meaning you will do less damage overall.

Heroes Choice

Choosing the right Hero is quite important. When talking about Legendary Heroes, the current state of game favours later Tiers, so by default Hero strength (and priority to choose a particular one) looks same:

T5 (Tyler, Brooke, Julie) > T4 (Jarrett, Ernie, Zach) > T3 (Zoe, Ash, Miho) > T2 (Jeb, Wolfe, Trish) > T1 (Lucky, R&R, M&F).

That’s in general. When doing Influencer Trap, there are few notes to take – some of the earlier Tier Heroes will be outperforming later Tiers!

For Rally Leaders, you need to make sure all 3 of the chosen Heroes have got their skills maximized. It will significantly impact the total damage output of the rally.

  • For F2P:
    • Eva is better than Sarge because her 3rd skill is boosting her 1st skill damage;
    • Chef since he’s only Epic Brawler you can build via Intel Missions;
    • Jane only in case you haven’t collected enough M&F Hero Fragments.
  • For P2P:
    • Tyler (T4) > Jarrett (T4) > Zoe (T3) is your best choice with the current 1.9 patch, followed by Jeb (T2);
    • Ash (T3) > Brooke (T4) > Ernie (T4) > Wolfe (T2) > Ray&Rolex (T1) > Nikola (T1). Please note Nikola’s infected attack boost doesn’t work on the Influencer Trap.
    • Julie (T5) > Zach (T4) > Miho (T3) are both good choices while M&F (T1) is overdamaging Trish (T2).

For Rally Joiners, it is important not only for the solo damage but for the overall damage too. A 6 people rally with 6 Sarges as the first hero will have damage increased by 100% due to his Gun Turret skill providing 25% damage boost. Why increase is 100% only? Because rally can benefit from the first 4 joiners’ Heroes only – see image below.

  • For F2P:
    • Eva or Sarge – doesn’t matter, whoever you have stronger;
    • Rest of Heroes doesn’t matter, whoever you have stronger.
  • For P2P:
    • See above for Rally Leaders;
    • Rest of Heroes doesn’t matter, whoever you have stronger.
Rally Leaders
Marksman (position #1)Tyler > Jarrett > Zoe > Jeb > Eva > SargeEva > Sarge
Brawler (position #2)Ash > Brooke > Ernie > Wolfe > Ray&Rolex > NikolaChef
Scout (position #3)Julie > Zach > Miho > M&F > TrishM&F > Jane
Rally Joiners
Marksman (position #1)Tyler > Jarrett > Zoe > Jeb > Eva = SargeEva = Sarge
Make sure you have your skills maxed, especially for Rally Joiners, because it contributes to the overall rally damage.
You can check active skills of each rally by tapping onto Rally Benefits button.

Some (PRO) tips

  • It is more effective if only Rally Leaders write in the alliance chat during the Trap timer. Usually, they notify Rally Joiners if they arrived either with incorrect troop formation and/or with a wrong Hero at the first place and were kicked out from the rally. In such case, Rally Joiner has to fix his formation and join the next available rally.
  • If you manage to keep the alliance chat empty from players’ conversations, it is actually faster to join rallies by tapping rally invite in the chat than going through the rally list screen (which is very laggy).
  • Remember this old meme? Well, it’s not relevant anymore 🙂

Summoner Power and Rewards

Simple18 7502959
Common37 5002959
Difficult56 2502959
Crazy75 0002959
Nightmare93 7502959
Hell131 2502959
Simple168 7502959
Common206 2502959
Difficult243 7502959
Crazy303 75039512
Nightmare384 75039512
Hell465 75039512
Simple607 50046015
Common697 50046015
Difficult840 00052518
Crazy1 032 00052518
Nightmare1 224 00055518
Hell1 548 75059018
Simple1 859 25062021
Common2 250 00065521
Difficult2 866 50068521
Crazy3 771 75072024
Nightmare4 335 75075024
Hell4 899 75080024
Simple5 463 75090530
Common6 094 5431 02533
Difficult6 800 0381 16036
Crazy7 589 0841 30542
Nightmare8 471 5371 46548
Hell9 458 5731 63051
Simple10 252 8661 65555
Common11 113 8601 68055
Difficult12 047 1561 71055
Crazy13 058 8271 73555
Nightmare14 155 4551 76555
Hell15 344 1721 79055
Simple16 632 7141 82060
Common18 029 4611 84560
Difficult19 543 5021 87060
Crazy21 184 6861 90060
Nightmare22 963 6901 92560
Hell24 892 0871 95565
Simple26 982 4231 98065
Common29 248 2982 01065
Difficult31 704 4512 03565
Crazy34 366 8622 06565
Nightmare37 252 8512 09065
Hell40 381 1942 12070

Special thanks to

  • Request / Collab Team – for optimal troops formation, power/rewards data and Heroes choice.
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3 years ago

any guide which war talent will be use in trap?

3 years ago

Are the Hero choices correct? Seems off from what everyone else is saying. Lucky’s skill doesn’t look that great against traps.

Tiberiu Diaconescu
Tiberiu Diaconescu
3 years ago

Why do you have in your tables Rally 1 at the 30 minute mark and than again at the 26 minute mark? … The rally takes 5 minutes .. so at best next time when Rally 1 can do another rally is at the 25 minute mark … not to mention there are a few seconds lost while march walks from lead’s base to trap. Also if you want your leads to use their absolute best army&heroes you shouldn’t make them use 2 formations…this means they also need to walk back from trap to base and than setup the next rally. This walk to and back and setup can go up to 15 seconds… so next time they start a rally from the 30 minutes mark is going to be at best at the 24’45 … not to mention that nobody starts at exactly 30 minute mark ????

Tiberiu Diaconescu
Tiberiu Diaconescu
3 years ago

“6 people rally with 6 Sarge as the first hero will have damage increased by 150% due to his Gun Turret skill!” Only highest 4 1st heroes are considered, so that would be maximum 100% (not 6 with 150%)

3 years ago


I followed your guideline btw and convinced a couple of members to do as well. But not all. It went great and made a huge difference.
Some stick to their old habits unfortunately.

Do heroes like Jeb or Wolfe matter in the setup? I didn’t see them mentioned in the how to.

Can anyone share his experience about these heroes for trap please?

3 years ago

Hi there.

Thx for the great guide. Made a huge difference .

I see that neither jeb nor Wolfe are mentioned in rally leader or joiner section.

Are they worse than those shown in the guide ? EG as rally leader Eva and Sarge better than jeb?

Brawler position i only see Nikola and chef mentioned. Is Wolfe an option if u have 2 marches setup? Or is chef better than Wolfe for trap?

Would appreciate some input please 🙂

Cheers Tio


3 years ago

Hi thx for the update.

Can u share your experience why Jeb is better for
Rally joiners now than Sarge or Eva please ?
First skill still lvl 5 needed ? The piercing shot it is?



3 years ago

Hello ,
What about G5 heroes for Trap ?

3 years ago

When switching to War Talents, there are some stages where you can choose to boost either attack or lethality for a particular troop type (or you can boost both). Assuming that you are trying to focus on Hunters for Trap, do you want to boost the Hunter Attack, Hunter Lethality, or both?

3 years ago

Is Travis useless for trap? He’s not mentioned anywhere, which I assume is because Maddie is far superior, but his infected boost seems strong. Is trap considered “infected” for hero skills that have infected buffs?

3 years ago

Another question re: heroes… if the rally leader uses Eva, her third boosts her first skill, making her the better choice over sarge… does the rally leader’s eva’s third skill also boost rally joiners’ eva’s first skill? So if the leader has Eva it’s (random numbers for explanation) 25% plus 50% damage or 37.5%, would the rally joiner get just 25% or the +50 bonus making it 37.5%?

3 years ago

If i Use Nicola T1 with set 10/40/50 then troops make less damage than i use Ash. So i asume u need to update beacouse you suggest that Nicola is best fot Trap

3 years ago
Reply to  Alanis
To compare Nicola and Ash, you need to understand that they both affect the attack of the infantry with an equal march limit. Thus, provided that both characters are at level 80, the difference between the infantry attack will be 10% in favor of Nikola due to his bonus to attack on the infected. It all depends on the levels of your characters. But the option 10/40/50 will always lose to the option with 100% hunters with the correct development of the equipment of the chief and heroes, research and talents of the chief, if the raider focuses on this.
3 years ago

is there any confirmation about using 10% T10s infantry in trap? i’ve tested this today and the numbers are lesser than the usual No Infantry strategy. and does this apply to plasma 3 infantries?

Last edited 3 years ago by RED
3 years ago
Level trap doesn't matte.))) It all depends on the indicators of attack and lethality of the troops to a greater extent, and the indicator of the march limit to a lesser extent. Goodluck)))
Last edited 3 years ago by Ivan
3 years ago
Can you show the advantages of your raid, where you can see the lethality and attack under the buffs of each type of troops and troops in general on the trap?
Mac Giver
Mac Giver
3 years ago

I have found a few mistakes, can you please correct them?
SUMMONER LEVEL 13-18Picture talks about Rally 1 + 2 (4 times each). But the table below lists rallies 1-4.
SUMMONER LEVEL 19-24Timer in the table are wrong. At trap timer 26:00, rallies 1+2 are still running and are not able to start the second run.
SUMMONER LEVEL 25+Timer in the table are wrong. At trap timer 27:10, rallies 1+2 are still running and are not able to start the second run.

Arizona #413
Arizona #413
3 years ago

You say in the ‘before you start’ section it may take up to an hour…. You only get 30mins?

3 years ago

Hi there! I tried the hero setup on my alliance and people noticed a reduction on how much damage they did on last trap. As the summoners get stronger, do we have a reduction on damage per player? Or did I just screw things up at some point? haha

3 years ago

Hey can you explain why for rally joiners Tyler ist recommended as best choice? I wonder why not use Brooke. Her first Skill ist 200% extra damage every 4th attack instead of 100% every 5th attack + 15% on the next. This seems to me more leggit vor using it as troop leader. Especially since the stats of the heroes of rally joiners have no effect on their troops as far as i know (the rally opener stats are inherited). Thank you.

Last edited 3 years ago by brainy
3 years ago

New Trap is now, update please

3 years ago

Maddie or Mike for Trap? Already using Sarge and Eva but need a hero for 3rd rally. Thanks

Kevin Coker
Kevin Coker
3 years ago

when donating energy caps you get gold coins, where do they go?

3 years ago
Reply to  Kevin Coker

There is no use for them in the newer states

3 years ago

Thank you for this I’m sure it will help my alliance.

memet kılıç
memet kılıç
3 years ago

Cant translate this site, because lock to translate or copy. I dont know english, very little

memet kılıç
memet kılıç
3 years ago

Thank you Serhiy

2 years ago

Is this info still relevant today?

2 years ago
Reply to  tAkeMi

No, unfortunately not 🙁

2 years ago

Do hunters do more damage than riders regardless if the Hero like Julie who is a rider and has rider boosts of attack? (julie as an example but any of the rider or hunter heros) Thanks

2 years ago

If I am rally leader and need to choose between Eva or Zoe as first hunter hero, which should i choose if Zoe is lower rank and with not maximized skills (only her first skill). Eva is with maximized rank and all three skills. Is it the power of the hero in this case what takes account?