State of Survival: Alliance Throwdown – Event guide (now with a video-guide!)

Alliance Throwdown is a bi-weekly event requiring coordinated work of all clan members. In this guide, I will try to share some tips about maximizing your points while investing your resources smartly. Guide is intended both for F2P and P2P players.

I’ve created a video guide in case you prefer it over the text version below. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

Event interface

1. Pick up Level Rewards
2. Number of attempts used / total attempts left
3. Purchase up to 4 additional attempts per day
4. You current task timer and give up / complete button

Before you start…

  • Your HQ level has to be 10 at least and if you started this event in your current alliance you won’t be able to accept new challenges in case you decide to join another one.
  • You have limited attempts per day to accept new challenges. You can buy up to 4 attempts per day for biocaps.
  • You can repeat same challenge as many times as you like, provided you find it on the board and you have enough attempts left.
  • Once you (or your clanmate) take a challenge, it disappears from the list and a new one will pop in 30 minutes. Alliance R4 and above can remove challenge at any moment and force a new one to be generated in 30 minutes.

Basic tips

  • First and most important tip – before you accept any event challenge, check the rest of the events on your billboard. Usually, you have 1 or 2 parallel ones requiring specific resource to be utilized. For example, the next 2 days we have a “Power Sprint” classic challenge and it requires spending construction, research and troops speedups. So do accept those challenges in your Alliance Throwdown list and progress both events!
Utilizing speedups for Power Sprint is more effective while doing respective challenge for Alliance Throwdown
  • Any (construction, research, troops) speedups task for 900 minutes is more effective than one for 1800, 2700 or 3600 minutes. You get +110 points in the first case, then +180, +270, +300 respectively. So, if you have enough speedups to cover 1800 minutes, better to complete 2 tasks for 900 minutes each and earn +220 points instead of +180.

Note: this is not the best idea if you are aiming to get in the top-3 of your clan.

  • The same story applies to biocaps – spending 5000 will bring you +100 points, spending 10000 – plus 200 points, but the task for spending 15000 gives only +270.
  • If you’re planning to purchase extra challenge attempts, do that just before reset happens – in that case, you can take a task for spending 5000 biocaps. Then purchasing 4 attempts twice (before and after reset) will cost 3400 biocaps, so you can easily invest remaining 1600 somewhere else and earn +100 points easily (there are few ideas relevant to this challenge described below).
  • If you took some speedups task(s) but suddenly you ran out of them – no worries. There are a few places where you can get some extra. It’s not the best investment, but at least you won’t lose your challenge attempt.

Priority tasks (F2P)

  1. Increase troop power by 15000 / 30000 (+70 / +120 points)

You have to train your troops anyway, so just spam this task as much as possible.

  1. Defeat 5 infected fiends with rallies (+80 points).

Note: you don’t have to kill the fiend, just send at least 1 soldier and ask your clanmate(s) to do same. You will lose battle, get your stamina back, but it will count as 1 attempt in your task!

  1. Spend 300 / 600 hero gear parts (+140 / +280 points).

If your alliance does influencer trap at least twice per week, you can easily complete this objective.

  1. Kill 20 infected (+60 points)

Best to accept before you start with your intel missions. Since intel is refreshed every 8 hours, you should be able to finish it within a day.

  1. Complete 15 explorer missions (+60 points) – same as above.
  2. Farm 20 MLN of resources (+40 points). It doesn’t matter if you go for food, wood, metal or gas – any will count towards the challenge. Obviously, food and wood are the quickest to get.
  1. Use 30 legendary heroes fragments (+300 points). I would recommend doing that if there’s a parellel event where you need to use those. For example, Hero Upgrade:
Spending 30 hero fragments will earn you a lot of points for both events

Extra tasks (F2P/P2P)

  1. Increase highest Chief gear score / gear badge score (+150 / + 300 points). I strongly recommend combining those with respective events. See example below:
Not the most F2P-friendly task, but if you have resources saved – there’s nice points boost on both events
  1. Buy 1 / 3 / 5 bundle(s) containing 2500 biocaps or more (+150 / +380 / +500 points).
  2. Spend 5000 / 10000 / 15000 biocaps (+100 / +200 / +270 points)

Where to get extra speedups

Sometimes you run out of speedups after you’ve accepted a task and really need some extra minutes to complete it.

  1. Try completing all daily tasks, searches, parallel events etc. – they usually grant you speedups.
  2. Go to Store -> Market Stall. You can find speedups there and you can refresh offers up to 5 times per day for free.
If you buy other goods, there’s a chance speedup offer will pop on that place!
  1. Go to Store -> VIP Store, you can buy up to 50 x 5m speedups (250 minutes for 2000 biocaps) once per week. VIP level 4 is required.
Your price might be slightly different depending on your Trading Post level

List of all event tasks

Gather 10 MLN resources3024h
Gather 15 MLN resources4524h
Gather 20 MLN resources6048h
Kill 15 infected4524h
Kill 20 infected6048h
Complete 10 Explorer Challenges4024h
Complete 15 Explorer Challenges6048h
Increase Troop Power by 15k7024h
Increase Troop Power by 30k12024h
Kill 5 infected fiends with rallies8024h
Use 5k biocaps10024h
Use 10k biocaps20036h
Use 15k biocaps27048h
Use 900 minutes of any speedups10024h
Use 1800 minutes of any speedups16036h
Use 2700 minutes of any speedups27048h
Use 900 minutes of construction speedups11024h
Use 1800 minutes of construction speedups18036h
Use 3600 minutes of construction speedups30048h
Use 900 minutes of research speedups11024h
Use 1800 minutes of research speedups18036h
Use 3600 minutes of research speedups30048h
Use 900 minutes of troop training speedups11024h
Use 1800 minutes of troop training speedups18036h
Use 3600 minutes of troop training speedups30048h
Use 300 Hero Gear Parts14024h
Use 600 Hero Gear Parts28024h
Increase Highest Chief Gear Score by 300020024h
Increase Highest Chief Gear Score by 600035024h
Increase Highest Chief Gear Badge Score by 120015024h
Increase Highest Chief Gear Badge Score by 250030024h
Use 30 Legendary Hero Fragments30048h
Buy 1 bundle containing 2500 biocaps or more15024h
Buy 3 bundles containing 2500 biocaps or more38036h
Buy 5 bundles containing 2500 biocaps or more50048h
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Whats Random Event that start after Power Sprint?