State of Survival: Buildings

On this page, you will find all the Settlement Buildings sorted by the upgrade priority and a brief explanation of reasons behind such position chosen per each building.

Tier 1 Priority

You need to upgrade these buildings first. Make sure you have enough resources and, in the case of HQ, prosperity points. Your first construction slot should be always busy with one of the buildings from this list.

I would also recommend performing this tier upgrades’ in a smart way. Investing all your speedups, ideally during the events, might be a good idea as well.


The center of your Settlement and foundation of your survival in the Wilderness. Upgrade to unlock new buildings and upgrades.

Hero Precinct

Locate and upgrade Heroes via the Hero Precinct. Sending your Heroes to Explore will enable them to develop faster as well as earn rewards for your Settlement.

Tier 2 Priority

Why Research Lab is the only building coming next in the priority list?

  • Because you need to research non-stop. While you upgrade it, researching is not possible;
  • Higher upgrade levels provide access to better technologies (increased construction speed, more troops trained per once, quicker resource harvesting etc.). You want to get those researched ASAP.

Research Lab

Research advanced Tech in the Research Lab. Upgrade to unlock more potent Tech abilities.

Tier 3 Priority

These buildings are focused on your troops’ training. Once upgraded, you will unlock next Troops level every 4th upgrade. On top of that, every upgrade level increases your training capacity, allowing you to grow your army quicker.

There’s no exact order of upgrading any of those 3, but sometimes one of them can be prerequisite for the next HQ upgrade. Check it out in advance, so you know which one to start first.


Train Infantry in the Barracks. Upgrade to unlock more powerful Infantry.


Train Hunters in the Range. Upgrade to unlock more powerful Hunters.


Train Riders in the Garage. Upgrade to unlock more powerful Riders.

Tier 4 Priority

Both buildings impact your manuevrability both in PvE and PvP events.

  • Assembly Point allows your settlement to take more reinforcements, that’s useful during enemy raids and Infected Horde event.
  • Command Center increases your rally capacity, so more people can join your lead. Make sure you take advantage of Heroes boosting rally capacity as well.

Assembly Point

Send and receive Timer Help and defensive reinforcements at the Assembly Point. Upgrade to increase Timer Help limit and duration, and Reinforcement Capacity.

Command Station

Launch devastating rallies against your opponents from the Command Station. Upgrade to increase Rally Capacity.

Tier 5 Priority

These building can be upgrade last, because their impact is not that huge.

  • Training camps increase training capacity and speed, but they don’t provide a decent boost individually, only if you upgrade all 4 at the same time. While it’s helping on the higher levels, at the early- or mid-game they can be deprioritized.
  • Hospital upgrade increases healing speed and beds capacity – nice, but not the most important thing.
  • Warehouse protects your resources from being plundered by enemy attacks. If you took into account the previous 4 tiers, you shouldn’t have any resources free because you always spend them on upgrades and/or troops training.
  • Barricade will allow your settlement being protected from zombies when you’re offline. Not a big deal, because you don’t go offline, do you? 🙂
  • Lookout Tower will allow you to see more details of the incoming attack on your settlement. I would worry more about the reinforcement capacity (see Assembly Point above)!

Training Camp

Prepare survivors for training in the Training Camp. Upgrade to increase Training Capacity and Training Speed.


Heal wounded troops in the Hospital. Upgrade to increase Hospital Capacity.


Upgrade to increase the amount of resources protected from enemy looting. Upgrading also increases the amount of goods you can list each time at the Trading Post.


Protects your Settlement from enemy attacks. Upgrade to increase Barricade Defense.

Lookout Tower

Detects incoming Recons and enemy marches. Upgrade to increase your Recon and Recon Camo abilities.

Tier “No Priority”

These buildings should be upgraded solely for prosperity points, in case you’ve upgraded everything else above.


Produce Food in the Farm. Upgrade to increase Food Production.


Produce Metal in the Furnace. Upgrade to increase Metal Production.


Produce Wood in the Lumberyard. Upgrade to increase Wood Production.

Gas Tank

Collect Gas in the Gas Tank. Upgrade to increase Gas Production.

Trading Post

Make trades with other Chiefs in the Trading Post. Upgrade to increase the kinds of trades you can make.

Tier “Not possible to upgrade”

As the title says, building in this list can’t be upgraded. They appear in your building list at a certain level of your HQ upgrade and also Workshop unlocks more functions later on. That’s it.

Intel Post

Receive and decrypt transmissions at the Intel Post to gain resources and learn vital information about your surroundings.


Craft powerful Gear in the Workshop.

Blast Shelter

Hide troops in the Blast Shelter. You can hide one March of your troops here for a selected period of time, during which they cannot be lost if you are attacked. The number of troops you can hide is dictated by your March Capacity.

Enlistment Office

When the number of Wounded troops exceeds your Hospital Capacity, the Enlistment Office will help you enlist survivors to replenish your army.

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