Warpath: Tech Research

In Warpath, you need to research technologies across three areas: Industry, Military and City Honors. Here you can find a high-level summary of each technology tree, their bonuses and resources needed together with some priority tips.


Researching in Warpath gives not only boost to your battle power and army strength but also sets the ground for long-term growth. No matter if you’re playing without investments, light to medium spender or a whale – information here would allow you making better decisions.

Research Trees Overview

There are 3 main trees in the game, boosting different areas of your account.

  1. Industry: gives access to high-level mines, more gathering convoys, reduces time to gather and research technologies;
  2. Military: boosts your troop power, speed, durability etc. as well as opens troop upgrades up to lvl. 200;
  3. City Honors: increases amount of points you can earn via different missions in the Arms Deals event. Also, it allows you to open more reward tiers of the same event. This tree unlocks once you move to the lvl. 2 city.

Please note all values in this guide are raw numbers – BEFORE any account-specific bonuses are applied. If you’d like to know the exact time for your account, use the calculator below.

Tech Research Calculator

To calculate precise time you need for each technology, a number of things will impact your research speed – starting from your Research Center level ending up with your city post and alliance benefits.

The spreadsheet below is able to get the raw value found on this page to be calculated for your account based on the input provided and give you the exact cost (time and resources) for each technology.

Credits to Mysteel from the official Warpath discord for creating this calculator.

Industry Research

The first one in the list and, in my opinion, most important to prioritize. Technologies here boost different economic aspects of your account, such as:

  • Increased resources gathering speed, more convoys to collect resources and access to high-level farms;
  • Reduce time to produce goods on your factory;
  • Also, reduce time to research any other technologies.

You can find all technologies listed on the picture below together with their maxed benefits and resource requirements to research the highest level possible.

Benefits and requirements summary

Recommended priority for F2P/low-spenders

  1. Collection Efficiency / Military Funds| Steel | Crude Oil Collection Efficiency: while pay-to-play folks get resources as part of different bundles, the main reason to prioritize those is you always lack resources while being free-to-play.
  2. Tech Research Speed: since there are a lot of technologies to research and you have only 1 research queue (unless you purchase Arms Deals package) – thus reducing time to get one done is crucial.
  3. Production Speed comes with the lowest priority out of 3 due to the constant lack of resources for building upgrades.

Recommended priority for mid-/high-spenders

  1. Production Speed is essential to reduce the time of manufacturing goods via the factory and upgrading your buildings.
  2. Tech Research Speed: to provide a boost while research Military Tree and making sure you have access to high-level troops earlier than your enemies.
  3. Collection Efficiency / Military Funds| Steel | Crude Oil Collection Efficiency with the lowest priority here since you get enough resources via bundles and in-game purchases.

Military Research

Military research, as stated in the name, boosts your troops’ power from different aspects.

  • The most important one is getting access to high-level unit locked behind 5 milestones: Lvl 40, 60, 80, 120 and 200.
  • Increase overall troops’ firepower, speed, recovery rate and durability.
  • Increase specific camps’ troops’ parameters (similar to above).

You can find all technologies listed on the picture below together with their maxed benefits and resource requirements to research the highest level possible.

Benefits and requirements summary

Recommended priority for F2P/low-spenders

  1. While you can get to Lvl. 40 / 60 troops relatively quick (within a couple of months), once you’re there I’d suggest focusing on one camp only (Vanguard Division has the most versatile choice of heavy/super-heavy, tank hunters and artillery units so I’d prioritize it).
  2. Depending in your combat role and field positioning you may prioritize firepower for higher B2B (base-to-base) damage or durability for longer tanking.
  3. Troop speed is something you can skip/leave for late-game.

Recommended priority for mid-/high-spenders

  1. Depending on your budget, you may focus on 2nd camp (i.e. if you went Vanguard as your main, you can choose Soviet as your secondary). Maxing out three camps at the same time is mostly whale territory.
  2. Troop speed should provide a cutting edge on the battlefield to take over your opponents with quick manoeuvring.
  3. Firepower and durability are still very important to research, prioritizing camp(s) of your choice.

City Honors Research

Tech tree with the ability to boost points you earn while participating in the weekly Arms Race events. The difference here is that besides cash, steel and oil you need one more resource to level up technologies here – medals a.k.a. city contribution badges. Surprisingly (or not?), earning those medals is possible by achieving tier rewards in the same Arms Race events 🙂

City Honors research tree unlocks only after you move your HQ to the city lvl. 2.

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  • You can increase the number of points earned per all possible event objectives starting from resources collection up to drawing the units via Universal Coupons.
  • There 2 milestones available to unlock 2 additional reward tiers (4-6 and 7-9)
  • 2 more milestones directly increase the amount of points earned (up to 550% gradually and 200% one-time).

You can find all technologies listed on the picture below together with their maxed benefits and resource requirements to research the highest level possible.

Benefits and requirements summary

Recommended priority for F2P/low-spenders

  1. Company of Heroes is your first priority to unlock Tier 4-6 rewards.
  2. Remaining medals can be invested to max out Wartime Rationing since it provides points boost for all event missions.
  3. Unlocking Iron Army doesn’t make much sense – for F2P especially – so I’d recommend investing into 3-4 levels of each technology before it: to spend less energy while killing Raven bunkers and troops and (last priority) to get more out of production rush/building upgrades.

Recommended priority for mid-/high-spenders

  1. If you plan to purchase medals from the gifts shop, I’d start rushing to Company of Heroes and Iron Army;
  2. Wartime Rationing and Sustainable Warfare should be maxed out first to making tier 7-9 rewards easily obtainable.
  3. Liberation would your final one for maximum points boost once the previous two are completed.

Full Tech Tree Data


Tech research in Warpath significantly impacts your gaming experience and long-term development. Choosing the right priorities at the early stages would benefit your account in future.

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