Swords of Legends Online: Alliance Guide

Decide to create your own or join an existing alliance? Here you can find all you need to know about being part of an alliance!

Guide author: kitah


Players can choose to join an Alliance (Swords of Legends Online’s Guild system) they are interested in and while contributing to the alliance they can also enjoy special benefits. The Alliance interface can be opened via the social interface by pressing H.

Important Notes

  • Alliances are per character, not per account.
  • It costs 10 Gold to make an alliance, and you must be Beginner Level 15.
  • Your Alliance can only have 50 members when you create it, you can expand the amount later on (more details below).
  • Some content is unavailable at launch, this is listed separately.
  • You can disband your Alliance by pressing the End button in the bottom left hand corner. You must of reached 10 members before you can do this.

Alliance Management


Reach Beginner Level 10 then head to Cloudrise and talk to Zeng An (Alliance Steward) and spend 10 gold coins to create an alliance.


You can join a guild after you reach beginner level 10. You can do this by filtering the alliances to join by playing preference, or you can search for the alliance you want to join by name. You can change the filter to search for alliances that suit you in the top left corner of the Recommended Alliance interface.


When the number of members in the alliance is less than 10, the alliance will enter a 15-day cooldown to disband. If there are not 10 or more members during this period, the alliance will be disbanded, if your alliance manages to get 10 members or above during this period the disbandment will be suspended and your alliance can continue operating as normal.

Things to note:

  • Once the alliance is disbanded, all items in the alliance’s stash will be lost.
  • After a rank is created, the rank cannot be deleted, and can only be deleted after the Leader of the alliance is transferred.

Alliance Features


Alliances of different factions can recruit players from different factions. At launch, Alliances will be automatically in the Qin League faction.

After a future update, the alliance leader can talk to Zeng An (Alliance Steward) to switch the alliance factions. Make sure you choose the same personal faction as your Alliance to make the transition into this update easier for you.

  • Alliance of Qin League: You can recruit players from Qin League, Heaven’s Children and the Mysticism factions.
  • Alliance of Heaven’s Children: You can recruit players from Qin League and Heaven’s Children factions.
  • Alliance of the Mysticism: You can recruit players from Qin League and the Mysticism factions.

After a future update, some Alliance Events require the alliance to join a faction to participate.

Levelling up

An alliance’s maximum level is 10 and it requires alliance experience to level up. Alliance members can obtain alliance experience by completing alliance quests (the progress for these quests are refreshed every Thursday at 6 AM server time), you can also gain alliance experience by completing alliance events.

Upgrade time reference:

  • It takes up to two years for a lone wolf player to upgrade an alliance to maximum level from scratch.


Alliance and Personal resources can be earned through various activities:

Resource TypeResource AcquirementSourceUsed for
Alliance ResourceAlliance CohesionComplete Achievement Count alliance quests. Earned at the alliance activity levels 250/500/750/1000. Refreshes every Thursday at 6 AM.Members can consume these common alliance resources to activate talents that grant buffs to the alliance and its members.
Alliance ResourceAchievement PointsEarned after completing alliance achievements.Alliance achievements are those which can be unlocked by the combined effort of its members. They are displayed in the Notes tab and provide no additional bonuses for an Alliance.
Alliance ResourceAlliance FundsLeader Permission Assignment.It can be assigned to members of each rank by the Leader, and 50% of the repair cost is automatically deducted when repairing equipment. 1 Alliance Fund is deducted per 1 silver. Can also be used to initiate forced hostilities.
Personal ResourceAlliance ContributionEarned by completing alliance quests.A currency that players can exchange for bonus items at alliance chops in the capitals. Maximum of 2,000 per week.
Personal ResourceAlliance PrestigeEarned by completing alliance quests.Increase prestige to unlock more items from alliance shops in the capitals. If you leave an alliance for a week or join another, you lose 10%.
Personal ResourcePersonal FundsGranted weekly by the leader.Player currency. Automatically reduces costs of repairing gear by 50%. 1 Alliance Fund is equivalent to 1 Silver. Cannot be used if your personal quota is 0 or if the alliance funds drop to 0.


Alliance members accumulate Alliance Cohesion by completing alliance quests and alliance events. This gives players within the Alliance access to Active Talents which high-ranking (those with management permissions) alliance members can select by using the Active Talents interface.

After an Active Talent is activated, the effect will last for a week and it can be clicked to continue it again for another week. Members of the alliance can click the thumb icon to vote and let the high-ranking members know that they really want this talent for the week.

HarvestLevel 2x50 Alliance CohesionThe harvest amount for Alliance members increases by 10%.
Lots of Fish CaughtLevel 2x50 Alliance CohesionAdditional catches from Gold of the Four Seas increase by 10% for Alliance members.
HomesicknessLevel 4x100 Alliance CohesionThe Transfer Rune cooldown is reduced by 3 minutes for Alliance members. The Cirrus Drive cooldown is reduced by 30 minutes.
United for a single purposeLevel 4x100 Alliance CohesionIf the number of Alliance members in the group instance is greater than 5, the Fortune value of the Alliance members increases by 3%.
Fortune Falls From HeavenLevel 5x150 Alliance CohesionAlliance members unlock the following skill: Fortune Falls From Heaven. It can be used to summon the Alliance Stash to the current position.
No one gets left behindLevel 7x100 Alliance CohesionIf Alliance members are fatally injured, the amount of time they have to wait to resurrect in the Dragonstar is reduced by 50%. (Not effective in the Battle of the Continents or in the Garden of Blades).
Tirelessly Fighting OnLevel 8x100 Alliance CohesionDuring Instances, there is a 200% increase to the duration of the acceleration effect after Alliance members in the Dragonstar are resurrected. (Not effective in the Battle of the Continents or in the Garden of Blades).
Beautiful ClothingLevel 9x350 Alliance CohesionAlliance members unlock the exclusive Mystical Waters outfit. It can be shown in the Outfit Interface.
Mutual AidLevel 10x200 Alliance CohesionAlliance members unlock the following skill: Mutual Aid
It can be used to summon an Alliance member from the team to the current position.
ThriftyLevel 5x250 Alliance CohesionAlliance members receive a discount of 10% on equipment repair costs.
A Large Number of People GatheredLevel 9x300 Alliance CohesionIf the team leader has this talent, then the equipment of the worst-equipped player on the battlefield in each team of 5 full members is upgraded to the effect of the next worst-equipped player in the team.


After an Alliance Upgrade is activated, the effect is permanently possessed and some bonuses have prerequisites. Alliance upgrades cost Alliance Cohesion.

List of Alliance Upgrades:

A Call like a Peal of ThunderLevel 1x100 Alliance CohesionThe prestige gained by Alliance Members is increased by 5%.
Gourmet FestivalLevel 2???Activate the option ‘Bestow resources’ with the Alliance Administrator. As a result, alliance events such as the ‘Gourmet Festival’ will be completed.
Delicacies To GoLevel 2???For 100 Alliance Contribution, you can take the dishes from the Gourmet Festival with you. The food is good for 24 hours.
Fast Like the WindLevel 3???The movement speed of an Alliance Member’s mount is increased by 10%.
Good RelationshipLevel 3x100 Alliance CohesionThe Sworn Friendship Bonus received by Alliance Members is increased by 100%. (Does not include methods that use items).
The Slash Gets Bigger ILevel 1???Increases the number of pages in the Alliance stash to 2 pages.
The Slash Gets Bigger IILevel 3???Increases the number of pages in the Alliance stash to 3 pages.
The Slash Gets Bigger IIILevel 5???Increases the number of pages in the Alliance stash to 4 pages.
The Slash Gets Bigger IVLevel 7???Increases the number of pages in the Alliance stash to 5 pages.
The Slash Gets Bigger VLevel 9???Increases the number of pages in the Alliance stash to 6 pages.
Battle-hardened ILevel 2???The experience points received by an Alliance Member for destroying a monster are increased by 5%.
Battle-hardened IILevel 4???The experience points received by an Alliance Member for destroying a monster are increased by 10%.
Mutual LoyaltyLevel 4???Reduces the consumption of money tokens for the Flag of Loyalty by 50%.
Delivered Quickly and EfficientlyLevel 6???There are no fees for mail between members of the Alliance.
Recruit Warrior ILevel 2???Increases the maximum number of Alliance Members to 80.
Recruit Warrior IILevel 4???Increases the maximum number of Alliance Members to 110.
Recruit Warrior IIILevel 6???Increases the maximum number of Alliance Members to 140.
Recruit Warrior IVLevel 8???Increases the maximum number of Alliance Members to 170.
Recruit Warrior VLevel 10???Increases the maximum number of Alliance Members to 200.


All alliances are provided with a stash that can be used by all of the members within the alliance. Each member can store game items, martial art items, scrolls, collected materials, food ingredients, etc.

The Leader of the alliance can set stash permissions for each rank. After a member deposits game items to the alliance, if their rank has no withdrawal permissions they will need to contact the Leader of the alliance or other members who do have a rank to claim items from the warehouse.


You can view important activities for the alliance in the interface of the alliance > manage > notes and you can switch categories at the bottom of the notes page.

This includes the following information:

  • Membership Changes: Records of members movement.
  • Alliance Achievements:
    • Alliance level upgrade records
    • Active Talent unlock/activation records.
    • Alliance Quests/Events completion records, etc.
  • Information changes:
    • Modification to the alliance information.
    • Modification to the alliance recruitment messaging.
    • Published recruitments
    • Rank adjustment and authority records
  • Stash access: Records of the Stash.
  • Alliance relations:
    • Allies
    • Hostile relations – Unavailable at launch
    • Dissolved and Creation records.

Members Management


The Leader of the alliance can modify the recruitment information, alliance preferences and start targeted recruitment in the alliance-recruitment interface.

Authorised alliance members can approve or reject applications from the application list.

Things to note:

  • Once Targeted recruitment is turned on, new members joining through targeted recruitment will not need to be approved into the alliance.

Member View

You can filter and sort the members within the alliance management member list to view member information.

  • All members are displayed by default or PVP information if the display is switched.
  • Click the column name above to sort.
  • Right-click the member to click the member.


The Leader of the alliance can add ranks and modify the name of the ranks in the alliance management > permissions interface and set the authority of the rank and the amount of repair money allotment they should receive (reset weekly). You can have up to 10 ranks per alliance.

The Leader can adjust the rank of the member by right-clicking on the alliance member within the interface. They can also add notes to each member.

Leader Transfer

The Leader of the alliance can transfer the status of leader with the highest rank other than the leader. There is a 3-day transfer period for the transfer during which the transfer can be cancelled.

Leader Impeachment

A leader who has not been online for a long time can lose his authority through the procedure of impeachment.

  • If the Leader does not log in to the game for 30 consecutive days, the impeachment procedure can be initiated by the vice-leader of the alliance. If the leader fails to log in within 7 days of initiating impeachment the vice-leader who chose to impeach will automatically become the leader.
  • If the vice-leader does not start the impeachment procedure within 7 days after entering the impeachment procedure, the impeachment authority will be reduced by one level and the next-level members can also proceed to initiate the impeachment.
  • If no one initiates the impeachment within 7 days and the impeachment authority is already at next-level members, it will continue to be lowered by one level until the member of the lowest rank can impeach the leader.

Alliance Merchant

In Cloudrise, you can visit Zang An, the Alliance Steward to access the Alliance Merchant shop which gives you a wide range of items to purchase. You will need Alliance Prestige to unlock more items in the store, and Alliance Contribution to purchase them.

NameCostRequirementUsed for
Scarlet Horse180 Gold
10000 Alliance Contribution
9 Alliance Prestige
Alliance Level 10
Unlocks Mount
Bamboo Soul Cat98 Gold
1000 Alliance Contribution
5 Alliance PrestigeUnlocks Pet
Qimengyi – Thousand Cuts5 Gold
28 Alliance Contribution
3 Alliance Prestige
Only 10 can be purchased per Character per Week
After purchasing, the Power of a Hundred Strikes increases by 1% for 8 hours.
Qimengyi – Tenacity5 Gold
28 Alliance Contribution
3 Alliance Prestige
Only 10 can be purchased per Character per Week
After purchasing, the Power of Tenacity increases by 1% for 8 hours.
Qimengyi – Hundred Feasts1 Gold
800 Silver
96 Alliance Contribution
Alliance Level 5When you use it and then receive food from the Hui Food Pantry, you can slightly improve the cooking attributes.
Alliance Teleport Rune10 Alliance ContributionTeleport to Cloudrise, the District of Chang’an or the District of Jiangdu.
Only for Alliance members, not available in the Garden of Blades.
Alliance prestige Talisman80 Alliance ContributionGrants +20% prestige in the alliance for 2 hours. This effect also does not disappear after fatal injuries.
Rejuvenation (Primary)80 Alliance ContributionIncreases the effects of the Elixirs Rejuvenation by 100 points.
Alliance Order10 Gold
200 Alliance Contribution
Increases the maximum HP of alliance members by 10% in a 20-metre radius, their physical attack by 5% and their magic attack by 5%. Lasts for 2 minutes.
Flag of Loyalty10 Gold
50 Alliance Contribution
Alliance Level 3Brings all team members from your alliance to your side.
Guan Yidan (Author)5 Gold
50 Alliance Contribution
Alliance Level 3Resets the cooldown for the Flag of Loyalty.
Alliance Summoning Rune18 Gold
85 Alliance Contribution
Alliance Level 7Call together all members who are online and part of the alliance. Those who accept can teleport through a portal to the summoner.

Alliance Events

Alliance Events are activities that you need to join an alliance to experience. part of the gameplay activation requires members who have permission to activate alliance events so they can open the activity for the members to participate.

Participating in events can get a large number of alliance resources and also personal resources. It is recommended that alliances participate in events weekly to gain the most benefits for their members and their alliance.

Information on the various guild activities will be provided as separate guides.

Alliance Achievements

Alliance members can jointly complete Alliance achievements. Currently, there is no special purpose or benefit for this gameplay, but there are rankings involved! You can check the rankings on the Dragonstar List – Alliance Achievement Rankings.

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