AFK Arena: Tier list – Endgame Campaign Furniture

In here you’ll find our updated ranking for AFK Arena furniture. Furniture is one of the newest key aspects of the game, giving heroes entirely new abilities to be used in all formats – of course, the format priorities are different, but we measure furniture success through the campaign.

Hero Rankings are no stranger to us at Ze Gaming Club, allowing you to prioritize your hero choices to plan your progress ahead. However, heroes aren’t the only prioritization you should make if you want to improve at the game. Optimizing furniture picks will definitely push you forward, allowing your heroes to gain access to their extra abilities early in order for you to blaze through the endgame. Endgame campaign levels are not easy, and many players get stuck – however, with the right furniture picks you will be one step ahead allowing you to better manage your progress.

Furniture has been updated, and most of the online tier lists you’ll find won’t mention it! Heroes like Lucius, Mehira and more got entirely new abilities. Here at Ze Gaming Club, we assure you our data is based on the newest information, allowing you to make the most accurate decisions to enhance your results. Another important notice is accounting for +3 and +9 bonuses accordingly; +9 furniture is much harder to make, and without having both the bonuses aligned in one list it will be hard for you to prioritize when it comes to real endgame decisions.

So without further ado:

r/afkarena - Updated campaign furniture tierlist
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As per usual, you can make your own ranking in our free-to-use template and add your own tier list.

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  • Fanart of Thane and his furniture, courtesy of sxmixxie
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