AFK Arena: Tier list – Endgame Campaign Meta

In here you’ll find our updated ranking for AFK Arena heroes. The heroes are ranked by their campaign viability in multi setup meta. Starting from 31-4, every boss stage requires the player to beat multiple stages to progress. This causes many unprepared players to be caught off guard, and have their progression slowed.

This requires the player to maintain and be familiar with more than 1 setup at a time, which requires planning as well as strategy to pull off successfully; we hope this tier list will help you prioritize your heroes right so when the time comes you’ll be prepared for the endgame.

The ratings are based on usage in late-game stages, assuming all furniture is unlocked. Note that in many cases not having the relevant signature item or furniture may make a big difference in your hero power level.

The tiers are pretty self-explanatory: the heroes in the tiers aren’t meant to be used in tandem; whats common for them is their usage rate in the very late game.

The difference between global substitutes and Matchup specific heroes is consistency; Global substitutes can be splashed into most sets without much difficulty or carry on their own with matchup specific heroes, while matchup specific heroes have to rely on the set to be valuable.

Of course, tierlists aren’t to be followed blindly. Strategy is where exceptions are to be made to this tierlist. For example, the video below is from 33-40, utilizing Bellinda to buff Gwyneth in a 5 setup stage.

Strategy is key to overcoming lategame stages – dont forget about the utility of low tier heroes!

We hope this helps you become a better player!

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John Rond
John Rond
3 years ago

Hello I don’t see the tier list.

Serhiy Botulidze
3 years ago
Reply to  John Rond

hey John, sorry – should be fixed now.

John Rond
John Rond
3 years ago

Thx for the fix.
This tier list is usefull for the late game thanks and the multi line up.
How do you integrate the SI.