AFK Arena: Signature Item Tier List with Benchmarks

AFK Arena has many different mechanics where the player can choose their own tools to progress. We’ve made posts about how crucial correct decision-making is when approaching the endgame, and this one is going to be about signature items.

Signature items give heroes more abilities; they’re a mechanic where you have a high level of control over what you get, unlike furniture, making the impact of your decisions easily visible for you. Getting the right item at the right time can mean a lot – but then they’re also hard to compare since heroes gain incredible abilities at different levels.

This is why we’re going to make a benchmarked tier list: a tier list which is supported by benchmarks for what level is crucial for each hero. The tier list will be explained in depth in the video.

So without farther ado, here’s the list:

Video to support:

Explaining the list in-depth.

We hope this helps you when making your decisions to break through the endgame and become the hero you’re meant to be!

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