AFK Arena: Explaining the weirdest meta set of the Twisted Realm

The meta set for Ice Shemira is Saurus – Grezhul – Ezizh – Warek – Twins.

This is an in-depth guide for the Twisted Realm, explaining why certain heroes, sets and synergies work the way they do. I also discuss substitutions to various heroes.


No faction bonus, no conventional supports, how does this make any sense?

Not only is it very unintuitive, but it’s also miles ahead of the competition. This is why I want to make a quick guide explaining it here. If you’d like a more in-depth guide explaining all Twisted Realm sets, check out the video above.

Now that set is on top of the leaderboards across floors, scoring higher than the competition by a mile; so in order to explain it, let’s go over each hero and what do they bring to the table.

Warek the Bonebreaker

Starting from the least interactive cog in the gear, Warek. He’s there for one thing: Bonebreaker.

How much exactly is Greatly?

Bonebreaker is used for the defense reduction, while the amount itself remains unconfirmed. Lillith support claims he gives 30% which later upgrades to 80% defense reduction, while Tests on the chinese forums show its 80% defense reduction and 30% damage increase, both stacking cumulatively. Either way, he’s higher than Drez, so he’s here to stay reducing Shemira’s defenses so the team can inflict more damage.

Horrifying Ezizh

Next, let’s look at Ezizh. He’s also here mostly for one ability: Horrify.

This one ability changed the game meta completely.

Horrify makes it so that enemies cannot use their ultimate for a brief duration after a teammate has used theirs.Did you know that Ice Shemira’s shield is considered an ultimate? He can cancel it mid-usage, as long as it didn’t trigger. By keeping her shieldless and the hailstorm off you allow your team to regenerate health and burst her down much quicker than they otherwise would.

Twins, Grezhul and Saurus

Now comes the fun part.

Saurus is there because of his single target damage. Using his abilities in tandem resets cooldowns and stacks Tenacity, buffing him. With his SI he can heal the team while he’s doing his thing.

Grezhul is there because of his ability, Demonic Assault. What it does is it steals 30% of the enemy’s attack ratings, and works on bosses. He will stack stolen attack from Shemira; he gets stronger as the match goes on scaling high, fast. The thing is, Grezhul doesn’t have a very good use for his attack ratings. His scalings aren’t high, he isn’t a damage oriented hero.

If only you could pass those attack ratings to Saurus… Wait, you can!

The Twins have an ability called Unity, targeting both frontline allies until they die using Grace. Unity shares stats between allies, allowing Saurus to benefit from the attack Grezhul stole from Shemira!

If AFK Arena was a show, this has to be the ultimate protagonist plot twist to defeat evil.

… And that’s how they work 🙂

I really like that creative combo, so I’m going to close it here at that.

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