Swords of Legends Online: Making Gold Guide

Gold is required for multiple items in the game. Better to have a lot of it!

Guide author: ezzorathtv


Max amount of gold each week is capped out without using the Auction House. There are only so many dailies and weeklies you can finish before you have to go back to old content and clear quests or dungeons.

Summary of Activities

  1. Daily and Weekly quests.
    Finishing these activities will give you Gold and Amulets of Earth or Amulets of Heaven, and when these two Amulets are acquired at the same time, the currency is immediately turned into gold in your inventory. If you have extra Amulets of one kind, it can be more efficient to focus on activities that reward the other Amulet.
  2. Amulets of Earth/Heaven are sometimes RNG gold, sometimes you will not have access to one or the other Amulet depending on the weekly / daily resets and rewards.
  3. Ancestral Records Daily and Weekly quests.
  4. Open World Daily Heroic quests reward 25-50 Gold or more daily.
  5. Finish all Cultivation Quests (if not already completed).
  6. Do all of your available Biographies (Ctrl + L) – this can net hundreds of gold with the large amount of Biographies, but this is a very grindy process unless you enjoy quests.
  7. Clear all your Normal Dungeons, these will net a good amount of gold every day, and you may sell the extra gear if you have fed your pet enough.
  8. Clear all Hard Mode Dungeons, Normal Mode Raids, and Hard / Extreme Mode Raids weekly if possible, these all net a good amount of gold as well.
  9. Use the auction house. Sell food, sockets, and gear you do not need that is trade-able.
  10. You can go back and play through 50 Gear Score – 270 Gear Score dungeons and raids, and generally all old content is still available to go backwards to so you may also earn Gold from that.
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