Warpath: Buildings

On this page, you will find all the Settlement Buildings sorted by the upgrade priority and a brief explanation of reasons behind such position chosen per each building.

Tier 1 Priority

You need to upgrade these buildings first, so make sure you have enough resources.

Engineering Center

Engineering Center is the first of 2 main buildings allowing your settlement to grow. It has the following features:

  • Produce: create materials that are required to upgrade any building. Speed of production, amount of pieces you can place in the queue, number of queues and available materials to produce – they all depend on the EC building level.
  • Disassemble: get rid of unwanted units and parts, reset any levelled up unit can be done via this menu.

Why EC is the building with the highest priority? You will need a lot of materials to upgrade your settlement, so having a high level of EC allows you producing them quickly. While certain resources can be farmed via map (planks and bricks), cement/i-beams/other high-level materials are very hard to farm and way faster to produce.

Research Center

Research Center is the second of 2 main buildings allowing your settlement to grow. It has the following features:

  • Research: getting access to the newest technologies in 2 areas – Tech and Military – allows your settlement to farm more resources in less time and your army to get stronger.
  • Assemble: combining different unit’s cards make those troops stronger and deadlier in the combat

RC is important to upgrade fast due to increasing bonus in research speed. It will also grant you more collection convoys and access to better technology tier, opening stronger troops.

Tier 2 Priority

Upgrading buildings in this list is necessary to open new game content and game your army stronger.

Command Center

Command Center is your central building, upgrading which gives your commander the highest amount of experience. It also comes with few functions used on the daily basis:

  • Relocate: enter transportable mode allowing to change your settlement’s location. Essential while moving on short distances, otherwise consider using airlift.
  • Airdrop: get some supplies from the higher command. Amount of drops depends on your CC level and rewards inside are purely random – you can get resources, gold or a unit’s card.
  • Garrison: get your army inside of the settlement. Use to defend against enemies siege.

CC also grants access to certain in-game content, so make sure you don’t leave it for the last piece to get upgraded.


While the building itself doesn’t have any functionality (besides the upgrade button), every each of 5 barrack’s buildings strongly affects your army power. This is achieved by the passive benefits (see table above), such as:

  • Training speed: how quickly you can (re)train your army;
  • Barracks Capacity: how many troops you can train per one unit;
  • Reserve Troop Capacity: how many troops left that you can train overall. You can see this number at the top bar after the amount of your resources. It regenerates over time and each rax building contributes to the total reserve troop capacity.
  • Recovery Rate: how quickly your wounded troops will recover.

A strong army is required both in PvE and PvP aspects of the game, so upgrading rax is a no-brainer to advance in the campaign and/or become more competitive against other players. However, this game is not a sprint, but a marathon – rushing rax upgrades will give you a short-term advantage, but you will fall back later on if you won’t invest in resources production and technology research buildings first.

Tier 3 Priority

Only upgrade if you have finished everything else.


Airport’s only purpose is to reveal the fog around you. Doing so will grant some random rewards and allow you to occupy more territory with your alliance. With higher levels, you open access to more planes and quicker scouting per one.

  • Scout: menu where you can see how many planes you have and launch one for scouting territory;
  • Scout planes: depends on the airport level, you can have up to 3 planes;
  • Sight radius/Ground Speed: how far your planes see through the fog (=they scout wider area) and how quickly they progress with a scouting task.

Scouting fog is the early stage task to get some random rewards hidden on the map – both resources and gold. It will also allow you to detect villages and other important landscape objects you can compete for with your alliance. However, at a certain stage, the whole map will be automatically revealed regardless of how many territories you’ve scouted before – thus, the airport is the last building you should worry about.

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