Warpath: Which Unit is the Best?

Every Warpath player has wondered which unit is the best one? Is the Soviet medium tank better than Vanguard or Liberty ones? What tank hunters? Should one prioritize Vanguard’s Super Heavy tank or Anti-tank Gun? Is the Soviet Rocket Launcher better than Howitzer?

You will find answers to these and other questions in the guide below.


Even though Warpath has over 150 different units, you will end up with only 18 different variations if they are maxed out (assembled to the top 7.2 stars). These units are split into several classes (infantry troops, light/medium/heavy tanks, siege units and so on) across 3 different camps: Vanguard (Germany), Martyr’s Watch (Soviets) and Liberty (US/UK and allies).

To decide on the best unit, I will take into account direct unit comparison (damage, durability, speed etc.) and specific unit perks (like an increased speed in their class). I strongly recommend reading my army formations guide because the units you will deploy are going to vary: either based on your role in the alliance or your focus on the battlefield. Or your personal playstyle: some players prefer base-to-base combat while others like to fight open field 🙂

Special thanks to OP-0 Alliance members Execut, Omicronkey and Cpt.Miller44 for their valuable input to this guide. Kudos to Vincible, Talkion, Yklvr for their feedback and suggestions.

Comparison Matrix

Let’s start with an overview of all existing units (as of patch 1.09) and their stats at the maxed assembly stage (7.2 stars).

Data has been taken from the official Warpath fandom wiki and might be subject to change by game developers without any notice. Please note some units are unique in their class (i.e. light tanks have got only Liberty camp units, the rocket launcher is only Soviet while the anti-tank gun is exclusively German). At first, I will focus on comparing those having 3 different units in their class. Secondly, I will write a few words as a bonus about those exceptional 😉

You can see these stats in the game by tapping on the unit and opening its attributes page.

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
Valmet M76 Squad7800;0;028548 / 4242 / 3063 / 4120,3 / 0,260
AKM Squad9530;0;028539 / 3472 / 3063 / 4120,35 / 0,260
M16 Rifle Squad8670;0;028544 / 3852 / 3063 / 4120,5 / 0,260
Panther Ausf. G2800120;50;50362030829572136
Super Pershing2828120;50;504020296295711,9136
Tiger II Ausf. B4400224;85;85262075949572200
A43 Black Prince Tank4488195;110;45272077449572200
Mouse V26400246;130;110182087349571,5229
M36 Jackson2424102;60;30422057849572260
Prima Multiple RL13330;0;0361024586340
7.5cm Pak 41 ATG13330;0;0121073049574299
305mm Howitzer Br-1813330;0;0121012754212180
155mm Gun M213330;0;0121012154212170

Best Infantry Unit

Let’s have a look at the unit comparison matrix, first 3 rows give a selection of Infantry units across 3 camps:

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
Valmet M76 Squad7800;0;028548 / 4242 / 3063 / 4120,3 / 0,260
AKM Squad9530;0;028539 / 3472 / 3063 / 4120,35 / 0,260
M16 Rifle Squad8670;0;028544 / 3852 / 3063 / 4120,5 / 0,260

As you can see:

  • Vanguard’s infantry has got highest enemy damage with the lowest durability (read = can absorb the least damage).
  • Soviet’s infantry is quite the opposite: highest durability (read = can absorb most damage) at the cost of the lowest damage done to the enemy.
  • Finally, Liberty camp soldiers have balanced durability/damage values and slightly increased effective range compared to the other two.

Since the infantry’s role is to soak the damage on the battlefield, while letting your other units dealing damage, I consider Soviet’s infantry to be the best.

Best Siege Unit

If you look at bottom 4 positions of the matrix, you will see that:

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
Prima Multiple RL13330;0;0361024586340
305mm Howitzer Br-1813330;0;0121012754212180
155mm Gun M213330;0;0121012154212170
  • Vanguard camp doesn’t have a siege unit but an anti-tank gun, which is NOT effective for building damage.
  • Soviet’s RL has the lowest damage per shot, double time to perform an attack (8 secs compared to 4 for howitzers) but the highest movement speed among all siege units. What makes it a unique one I will explain in details below.
  • Soviet’s howitzer has the same 4 grids range, firing time, durability and moving speed as the Liberty one, but higher damage per shot. However, if you look deeper into attributes, its effective range (18 km) is higher than Liberty’s howitzer (17 km). Also, note its building damage boost is equal to 250%.
  • While one may rush to think Liberty’s howitzer looking worst out of 3 – because it has lower damage per shot and a slightly shorter effective range than the Soviet one – the building damage boost is equal to 300%.

What makes a rocket launcher an applicable unit if it has weaker initial stats compared to the howitzers? There are several reasons. First of all, its movement speed – which is on par with the majority of tanks – making RL easy to manoeuvre on the battlefield and harder to kill with flanking attacks. While howitzer has little to zero chances of escaping enemy tanks, RL might make it. Secondly, it’s firing speed (or rate). Even though it takes RL 8 seconds to load one shot, we have 12 rounds fired per once and you can notice the difference on that enemy’s building HP bar! Lastly, RL provides a 350% building damage boost and another 200% personnel damage boost, which you probably observed when attacking a bunkered infantry. Sound like a god-like unit, but no – you have to pay the price. RL firing accuracy value is 70% less than howitzers one and its firing range is 3 grids instead of 4. In reality, it means you will miss a lot and will be forced to position it really close to the enemy unit/building to make it work.

As result, choosing the best siege would be an impossible task looking at stats only so I suggest taking into account different play scenarios.

  • If you’re in for high mobility/open field fights, Soviet’s RL would be the preferable one. You can quickly move it across the map and evade some sneaky enemy attacks thanks to high movement speed. And it’s an excellent choice for farming those Raven bunkers 🙂 Please note this unit would be a less efficient choice for base-to-base combat due to a slightly reduced firing range and significantly reduced accuracy.
  • When it comes to base-to-base damage, the Liberty’s howitzer provides the highest damage per shot – as long as you can keep it shooting – and it’s the best base-to-base offensive siege unit.
  • Finally, for the base-to-base defence scenario, the Soviet’s howitzer is the one to go with. Thanks to its increased firing range, it allows hitting enemy troops from a long distance where its smaller building damage boost can be neglected.

Best Tank Unit

Right now, Warpath has got only one unit to choose from the light and super heavy tanks, so in this part I will focus on the remaining classes – medim, heavy tanks and tank hunters.

Medium Tank

Medium tanks are considered the best all-round units and they are also present in each of the three camps. So which one is the best to go for?

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
Panther Ausf. G2800120;50;50362030829572136
Super Pershing2828120;50;504020296295711,9136

To answer this question, we need to take into account not only stats but also unique perks for each camp’s unit.

  • Vanguard’s MT, like the infantry from the same camp, has the highest damage and lowest durability. Its unique perk reduces training time which might come in handy if you need to recover troops quickly during an active fight. The movement speed is on par with its Soviet counterpart.
  • Soviet’s MT is exactly the opposite – lowest damage among the 3 camps and highest durability at the same time. Though it is quite often chosen by beginners due to its unique perk – Recovery – allowing to restore HP on the field while not engaged in combat. And it saves 1 officer spot since you can assign Spanner elsewhere. But does it make Soviet MT the best choice for hit-and-run playstyle?
  • Liberty camp MT comes with balanced damage/durability stats but it outshines the other two MT units with an additional perk – on top of reduced training time, it also has slightly higher movement speed.

If you just started playing, you might consider Soviet’s MT being an obvious choice for best the medium tank due to its repair perk. But!

First of all, it is a rare situation during big fights when you can go aside and recover for a few minutes. Secondly, Soviet MT doesn’t do a lot of damage, so you won’t take artillery out quickly. It is also slower than its Liberty peer, making a retreat for recovery quite problematic. Finally, the Soviet camp has an amazing howitzer and/or TH units you might consider building ASAP.

The same applies to Vanguard’s MT – despite providing the highest damage in its class – it is too slow for a hit-and-run scenario and it doesn’t have any recovery perk. Also, do you remember Vanguards have more interesting SH or ATG units to be prioritized? That leaves this medium tank as the most realistic candidate to be consumed during the assembling process.

In my opinion, the best MT is the Liberty one. Not only it comes with great speed and balanced damage/durability stats but you can max it out fast if you consciously decide to postpone building your Liberty howitzer and/or skipping their HT unit.

Heavy Tank

Heavy tank is a decent choice for early-/mid-game phase when you don’t have a strong super heavy unit and you’d like to use something like a damage sponge (aside from infantry). Later on, heavy tanks are best to counter medium ones.

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
Tiger II Ausf. B4400224;85;85262075949572200
A43 Black Prince Tank4488195;110;45272077449572200

Once again, to decide on the best unit among the 3 camps, we need to take perks into account.

  • Vanguard’s HT has speed, damage and other stats on par with Soviet’s one, with lower durability and its unique perk providing higher armour thickness.
  • Soviet’s HT is the opposite of its Vanguard counterpart: increased durability and a decreased armour thickness. Its unique perk provides more HP (at the cost of lower armour stats).
  • Liberty’s HT is the spot on here! Having higher damage than the other two is nice but what I really like is its perk – 300% building damage boost is unique indeed!

Which one I’d consider the best?

Vanguard’s famous Tiger HT is quite popular to start with and feeding it later on to assemble your SH/ATG unit of the same camp. While you can meet Tigers on the battlefield early-/mid-game, I haven’t seen any decent use case scenario for Soviet’s HT, it is typically used as food while assembling its camp units from the very beginning.

Thus the “best unit in its class” award goes to Liberty’s HT – for the unique building damage boost. This tank can melt enemy bases together with your howitzers and keep them safe by absorbing the damage at the same time.

Tank Hunter

This category is another difficult one to choose the best unit in. Every camp’s unit has got some pros and cons and even taking perks in mind doesn’t simplify the task. Nevertheless, let’s give it a try!

UnitTypeCampDurabilityArmor ThicknessMax SpeedBlast Dmg ResistanceDamageReload SpeedFiring AccuracyEffective RangeArmor Pen Depth
M36 Jackson2424102;60;30422057849572260
  • Vanguard’s TH has got the highest damage among the 3 camps, on par durability and rest of the stats. We’ll have to sacrifice manoeuvrability here – this unit comes with the lowest speed in its class.
  • Liberty’s TH is on the opposite side: lower damage than Vanguard’s counterpart but higher speed. They are on par with the rest of the stats, including armour depth penetration.
  • Soviet camp TH is in between damage, speed and durability wise. However, it’s unique due to the highest possible armour depth penetration among the 3 camps.

How to decide which one is the best? I suggest taking into account some additional parameters.

Choosing Vanguard camp for your TH unit means you will have difficulties with hit-and-run scenarios due to its low speed. While stationing it near the base or keeping close to defend your allies artillery, this damage turret would be performing quite well. Similar to the medium tank from this camp, building TH here will also slow down either your SH or ATG assembly speed.

Choosing a Liberty’s TH does look like a most balanced decision (good damage and high movement speed) for open-field battles and is definitely an option to consider.

But what if you decide to play with TH only (i.e. your alliance role is to get rid of enemy tanks), I think going with Soviet TH is the best choice. Due to its highest armour penetration value, you will easily counter enemy heavy tanks and, to a certain extent, medium/light ones as well.

Why to a certain extent? Because high armour penetration is good but TOO HIGH armour pen is NOT: due to over-pen game mechanic, it will reduce your final damage when it occurs (zegaming.club/warpath/units page has a detailed answer to this question).

Also, keep in mind your siege possibilities will be limited, in case you decide to feed the rest of the Soviet units into TH only.

Light tanks

“You haven’t mentioned Light tanks anywhere, does it mean they are best unit overall?” – someone might ask after reading this guide.

Yes and no 🙂

In an early game, LT can cause a lot of chaos when played carefully. Yes, they have low durability, armour and attack range. But they can fire twice as often as any other tank and their movement speed is lighting. They counter artillery amazingly well and they can destroy tank hunters without issues (remember about the over-pen mechanic? this time it works in favour of light tanks!). If you enjoy the hit-and-run playstyle, light tanks can grant you thousands of kills and even more fun (or hate from your enemies) during the early game phase.

The downside, as of patch 1.09, is light tanks would start falling off in the mid to late game. Once your enemy artillery gets beefy and their mediums are watching flanks, it will become problematic (if not impossible) to secure many kills. You can still have fun hunting down tank hunters, sniping off artillery lost in the open field or just feeding LT to another camp’s unit when you feel it doesn’t perform as well as it used to be.

Bonus: SH vs ATG

After “what is the best unit?” this is the second most popular question from beginners. Which unit to go for – Vanguard’s super heavy Maus tank or the same camp’s anti-tank Flak gun? A few things you need to consider before we move on:

  • According to the game mechanics, the SH tank is best countered by an ATG unit (due to the latter one having very high armour pen value);
  • SH has more armour, durability and single-round damage than any other existing tank; it is also the slowest one among the tank units;
  • SH tanks are rewarded for completing introduction missions AND as VIP boxes purchase.

Some people admit they get fewer SH units from coupons and/or airdrops than ATG ones, but since developers added additional SH units as rewards for completing introduction missions, I won’t take this into account.

So which unit should be prioritized? I believe the answer is simple.

Because SH tank is quite weak on early levels, any Heavy tank/infantry unit would be a better choice early game. Later on, SH requires massive parts and modifications investment to make it strong, so it’s hard to recommend it for free-to-play/low-spending players. It won’t be able to absorb much damage at the grades before IX and, without strong officers, it won’t recover enough HP to tank out enemy bases without huge losses.

It is also super slow and if you haven’t advanced far in your military Tech tree, enemies will have an advantage if they see your SH on the open field. My recommendation, in such case, is to build a strong ATG unit which will cause a lot of problems for your enemies – even for spending ones – when they attempt to attack your base. Make sure you back it up with a decently built heavy tank or infantry unit to progress the campaign and being able to farm bunkers.

For those who don’t mind investing real dollars supporting game developers, getting strong SH early on is the best choice. You’ll have enough units to assemble it quickly from introduction mission and VIP boxes. What is more important, having enough parts materials and components modifications topped with assigning strong officers would make your SH, literally, unstoppable!


There’s no single best unit in the game.

Each class and camp has unique troops and knowing their stats, perks, pros and cons would allow you to make the right choice. Of course, it depends a lot on your personal taste – some people prefer base-to-base combats while others are all in for the open-field battles.

What is more important is planning out your long-term troop’s strategy by investing in the right units. Even if you made mistakes early-game, Warpath is quite forgiving and allows you to modify your playstyle without any losses. I hope this guide will simplify such a task!

Also, if you found this guide useful, plaese don’t forget to support my content.

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3 years ago

What about mods? are they different for each faction? will one faction get an extra mod in some areas?