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The second rule of Ze Club is: You do not talk about Ze Club.


Even though both Ze Gaming Club rules are in place, due to an increased amount of visitors I had to turn on ads to pay the growing hosting costs. I intend to keep the website ad-free if these costs are covered via donations.

Besides that, you can find a list of all ideas I would like to implement and looking for your support. There are some benefits included too – please check my Patreon’s page for details.

Patron’s benefits’ examples

Depending on your donation amount, you can get one or more of the benefits listed here:

  • You are mentioned in the special website section visible to all;
  • You help to run the website without ads;
  • You support the creation of the weekly updates videos;
  • You have early access to all of the upcoming public content;
  • You have access to Patron-exclusive content and also a special Discord channel.

You can see all benefits on my Patreon’s page, link is below.

Donation Goals

  • $50: Web hosting costs
    I’m running the website on a dedicated hosting to provide you with smooth reading experience. Covering part (or all) of these costs via donations instead of ads would be definitely appreciated by all visitors!
  • $100: Premium website theme
    Currently, I’m running a free one. Not only it lacks customization, but its mobile version also is not ideal. Since the majority of visitors are browsing through their portable devices, getting a better one would improve this experience.
  • $150: Add more PC RAM for video-guides
    My PC lacks memory while producing video-guides and other content you can see on my YouTube channel. Adding more RAM would allow me doing these guides faster and share all my in-game knowledge with you earlier.
  • $500: Contests and Giveaway budget
    I’d like to do different game-related Contents and give away some Google Store / Apple Store gift codes for everyone participating. With the help of your donations, I will be able to run such events on a regular basis.

How to Support

You can choose between a one-time donation and support on a monthly basis. I will not store any credit card data on my website. Any recurring subscription can be cancelled any time.


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