AFK Arena: Grub’s PvP Overview – The God Comp

From the author: this is the next guide in the team overview series.

This one is more well known, but I felt it was worth highlighting the substitutes that are being used more and more, as well as making it more obvious which elements are most important.

As always, we are both blown away by the support and how much good content is being made by the community, it’s really amazing to see!


Written by Grubley, visually crafted by Mischief


This overview covers the God Comp, its function is to lock down the enemy team while scaling damage of the main carry to the point they become an unstoppable force of destruction. This comp has fallen on hard times recently, with it being overtaken by Gwyneth Burst and Flora Stall, but it’s still an immensely powerful team that deserves attention. It’s also the only elite PvP team that sustains its power in PvE, so this would be the team to build if you want to focus on both or more on PvE.


It is extremely hard to substitute for the God Comp. Its composition is based around several integral parts that all come together forming the near unrivalled CC abilities, damage scaling and health recovery. Talene can be substituted for Wukong or Saurus, Wukong being the strongest substitute. Tasi can be substituted for Cecilia, Ezio or Mehira. Mehira, whilst having great utility in PvE is often easily dealt with in the PvP aspect of the game.

We’d recommend trying to stay faithful to the original composition as much as possible as this will provide the greatest return.

Hero Overview


Artifact Recommendation: Call, Eye, Drape, Vitality, Grace

Twins are the engines for this team, their role is to use their ultimate ability to continually provide healing and more energy for the rest of the team. Their ult also provides CC immunity to the team which prevents the carry being disrupted by abilities like Tasi’s Banish. Their link also provides additional stat bonuses to further increase damage.


Artifact Recommendation: Drape, Vitality, Call

Another vital part of the team. His passive ability provides an insane amount of energy which, over a longer fight, provides a powerful advantage. He also prevents the enemy team from ulting and offers AoE damage reduction from his own ultimate ability. Ezizh provides some excellent grouping with his Mind Control ability.


Artifact Recommendation: Blade, Eye, Drape, Vitality

Currently still the strongest carry. She helps keep the team alive by healing the 2 weakest allies every time she loses 10% of her max health. Her damage scales considerably as the fight progresses and her resurrections provide 400 energy with her SI30 which further boosts this comps frightening scaling and control.


Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Call, Drape

Provides the initial kickstart to the comp with his SI30 ability. He represents a key part since the first ult takes control of the fight for a good while. He also provides the healing that Talene needs to scale her ultimate ability. Rowan is a solid frontliner during the early stages due to his passive protecting him from damage. His ult can even provide additional stuns to the enemy team which helps immensely.


Artifact Recommendation: Call, Drape, Vitality

Provides great control with her initial Banish, which can often derail comps that don’t have reliable CC immunity. Her ultimate ability and Blink provide more control in the way of an AoE sleep, and an Attack Rating reduction with her SI.


Artifact Recommendation: Eye, Call

A rising performer in the place of Tasi to provide more damage, specifically to the enemy backline. Left unchecked, she has the potential to swing fights but requires investment and isn’t fully tested yet.


Artifact Recommendation: Drape, Call, Vitality (Don't use if 9/9 Furniture)

Can be used here as a replacement for Talene to allow her to be moved into the Graveborn team. Wukong provides an extremely tanky threat but lacks the damage scaling that Talene has. Still a very good option and good for players who don’t have Talene at Mythic.


Artifact Recommendation: Blade, Eye[7:05 PM]

The weakest substitute option, but he can be used to replace Talene with his SI30 providing more damage and healing to the entire team. However, he is very vulnerable to control and doesn’t provide as good damage outside of the early periods of the fight.


Artifact Recommendation: Call, Conviction, Vitality, Drape

Mehira provides a significant haste buff with her whip ability, as well as a potentially game-changing, yet inconsistent ult. She provides decent damage, particularly with her 3 and 9 furniture as well as solid bulk with her SI30. However it’s her inconsistency that costs her a place in this team, often she will ult the wrong way which can lose a fight singlehandedly. She can also be dived more easily than Tasi who is her main competitor.


Artifact Recommendation: Call, Grace, Eye

The strongest ult in the game that starts terrifying snowball once he gets a kill. He also provides an extremely potent kickstart to the lockdown cycle with his 9/9 furniture ability allowing him to ult near-instantly with Rowan. His main issue is damage output outside of the ult and susceptibility to magical damage. When his Counter ability is procced he isn’t especially bulky, so he can end up being killed before the snowball starts. But make no mistake, he is still a very good option in this team.

Author: Grubley
The Inquisitor Discord
Featured image art: St. Cygnus

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