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State of Survival: Jack “Tweak” Pickard

Born with high-functioning autism, Tweak still does not take the initiative in communicating with others, but this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most legendary underground pharmaceutical experts.

State of Survival: Roxy Tamika Robinson

As a rare female voice in the underground rap world, Roxy’s fame depended on her fierce rhythm and bullet-like lyrics. After the Outbreak, people discovered that she was even more explosive than her songs.

State of Survival: Emma&Eli

Eli, who experienced brain damage as a baby due to an extremely high fever, has always remained at the mental level of a young child. This condition made him suffer from the ridicule and teasing of children his own age. However, every time his sister Emma always stood up for him and defended him from the bullies.

State of Survival: Zoe

A prodigy with a bow, Zoe Ryan was part of the national archery setup from a young age. As a child, she just wanted to play with the other kids, but her mother, herself a championship-winning archer, insisted she hones her natural gift.

State of Survival: Jeb

Jeb Nelson spent his entire life within 20 miles of the house he was born in. That is, until the day a caravan of high-strung city folk turned up in their fancy cars bringing with them the infection that wiped out the entire town.

State of Survival: Lucky

At the age of 5 she wound up a member of a travelling circus, the ringmaster always called her Lucky. As to her true name, no one knows.

State of Survival: Eva

Eva “Widow” Lopez was in-and-out of correctional facilities before ending up on death row for a brutal gang-related revenge killing. She became a minor celebrity over the incident, earning her Widow nickname from the media coverage.

State of Survival: Mike

After being bundled into the back of a patrol car a few too many times as a minor, Mike Ferguson decided he would be the one doing the driving. He excelled in the academy and was establishing a promising career with the highway patrol when the outbreak hit.

State of Survival: Tony

Celebrity Tony Tan was filming a vegan burger commercial at the time the outbreak hit. An ardent carnivore, he was doing it for the money. But after witnessing a horde of Infected tear the film crew apart he’s not quite as keen on bloody steak as he once was.

State of Survival: Julie Garcia

Julie Garcia, a Spanish girl who is full of secrets, is one of the people Becca Hoffman wants to meet most.

Proficient in archery, gun skills and close combat, fond of floral art, cooking and music, these are Julie’s key words.