State of Survival: Ash

Born to rock, roll and burn. Ashley Marshall likes heavy rock music, and likes it LOUD. She has been riding with biker gangs since she was a teen, and survived the initial outbreak thanks to her advanced riding skills. Like Rusty, she fell in naturally with the Raiderz, before she finally had enough of Tombstone’s lechery and struck off on her own.


While having identical stats to Ernie, Ash falls back due to her weaker skills, doing less damage and making her practically useless after T4 Heroes introduction, not even saying about the T5 ones.

Luckily for F2P players, she’s available via Ray’s Wheel, allowing to rank her up quite high with some wise biocaps saving. Missing fragments can be purchased later on via Value Vouchers event with a good discount upon T4 Heroes introduction.


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