State of Survival: Jarrett

As a former CDC employee, Dr. Jarrett Taylor survived the outbreak in part due to his understanding of how infectious diseases spread. That, plus a dash of inside information and a whole lot of luck. He managed to escape the chaos of the city with his young daughter, Maya, after receiving preliminary data from some of the earliest infected areas.


Dr. Jarrett Taylor is a Hunter Hero. His basic attributes are better than the S2 hunter Hero Jeb and are equal to the S3 hunter Hero Zoe. However, his skills have a wider range of effects, which increases the likelihood of powerful performance on the battlefield. A fully levelled up Jarrett has 5 different skill effects, which can deal huge damage to enemy troops as well as increasing the damage output of allied Heroes. The skills Bio Whip and Whip of Doom are able to greatly increase the damage taken by enemy troops, thus increasing the damage output of allied units. That’s the basic info about Jarrett, let’s check out his actual performance on the battlefield.


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