State of Survival: Ghost’s Graffiti – Event overview

A short overview of the upcoming event. Information was taken from my account in State 1 – please be aware some requirements might be changed once developers release the event officially in the rest of states (ETA Sep 10th 2020).

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Event is very similar to Ken’s BBQ / Exotic Feast and will last for 4 days. You have an opportunity to exchange Graffiti into permanent/temporary skins and some minor rewards. To earn those, you will need to fulfil daily tasks and collect Pigments.

Note: tasks are available for 3 days only, on the 4th day you can only purchase bundles and turn in Graffitis. If you won’t exchange any remaining Pigments, they will be converted into resources crates automatically the next day.

Daily Pigment (F2P)

The objective is to complete as many quests as possible. Daily maximum is 120, which means for 3 days you can collect 360 Pigments if you complete all tasks.

Task#Pigment Reward
Use Speedups200035
Use Biocaps250010
Use Legendary Hero Fragments620
Kill Infected515
Gather Resources500000020
Train Troops250030

Pigment Sale (P2P)

These packages are unlocked if you purchase a bundle containing at least 2500 Biocaps (minimum price is $5). They are not refreshed daily, you can collect a maximum of 800 Pigments (total cost $80).

Biocaps # to BuyPigment RewardReward #1Reward #2Reward #3
2500505x 100 Biocaps2x 1h Construction Speedup4x 1h Training Speedup
5000502x Epic Hero Badge4x 1h Construction Speedup4x 1h Research Speedup
7500501x 1000 Biocaps4x 1h Construction Speedup4x 1h Research Speedup
125001006x 1h Research Speedup6x 1h Construction Speedup4x 1h Training Speedup
175001002x 1000 Biocaps4x 1h Construction Speedup1x Epic Search Map
250001502x 1h Research Speedup2x 1h Training Speedup2x Epic Search Map
325001502x 1h Universal Speedup8x 1h Research Speedup2x Epic Search Map
400001505x 1000 Biocaps8x 1h Universal Speedup8x 1h Training Speedup

Crate Rewards

All Pigments you’ve collected (through daily tasks and/or sale packages, it doesn’t matter) will fill in your progress bar on the top of Ghost’s Perfect Art Exhibit quest. When you reach a certain score, following crate will be unlocked. Starting from the 2nd crate, you will be able to obtain Graffitis.


– F2P can achieve a maximum of 360 points and unlock 4th crate (50 Pigments total)
– P2P can achieve a maximum of 800 points and unlock all crates (300 Pigments total)

# PigmentsReward#
60100K Food5
1h Training Speedup2
1h Research Speedup4
120100K Wood7
1h Construction Speedup4
Advanced Search Map2
210100K Metal2
1h Construction Speedup4
1h Training Speedup2
300Epic Hero Fragment5
1h Training Speedup4
1h Research Speedup4
Advanced Search Map3
390100 Biocaps10
Legendary Hero Badge2
Combat Manual II3
Epic Search Map1
550100 Biocaps15
1h Construction Speedup4
1h Research Speedup4
1h Training Speedup4
800100 Biocaps20
1h Universal Speedup8
1h Research Speedup4
1h Training Speedup4

Ghost’s Graffiti

Obtained Graffitis from the previous quest can be exchanged for rewards here.


F2P can obtain: 5x Epic Search Maps (25 Graffitis needed) + 10x Epic Hero Fragments (20 Graffitis needed). You will have 5 Graffitis left if you have completed all daily tasks 3x times.
– P2P can achieve a maximum of 300 Graffitis and buy 1 of the permanent skins. Your minimum spending will be $35 provided you have completed each and every task for the 3 days of the event duration.

# Of GraffitisRewardAmount# to Exchange
300Fury Ride March SkinPermanent1
300Crazy Carnival March SkinPermanent1
300Haunted March SkinPermanent1
25Fury Ride March Skin7 days1
Crazy Carnival March Skin7 days1
Haunted March Skin7 days1
5Epic Search Map1x1
2Epic Hero Fragment1x1

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