Warpath: Grand Showdown – Event overview

Grand Showdown is a bi-weekly event with specific tasks each day. On this page, you will find all objectives overview and a few tips on how to complete them easily.

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Showdown event lasts for 7 days and is one of the most generous rewards-wise. It has 5 different types of them, some depending on the outcome of the daily battle.

  1. Individual Theme’s Rewards: upon achieving certain points score.
  2. City Theme’s Rewards: 1% of individual points are contributed to the whole city score.
  3. Daily Victory: you get a small amount of gold and Universal Coupons if you city managed to score more points during the day. You get nothing if you lost.
  4. Event Victory: regardless if you win or lose, after 7 days period you will get some rewards like City Entry Permit.
  5. Ranking Rewards: if you managed to score top-20 during the day and/or top-50 for the duration of the event.

Due to the huge amount of rewards possible, it is highly recommended to invest all resources you’ve got into this event.


Task Points
Collect 100 Military Funds 1
Collect 100 Steel 1
Collect 100 Crude Oil 1

Some tips and tricks

  • Combining this event with appropriate Jurisdiction one is a must.
  • While scoring 3rd reward crate in Jurisdiction is not a good idea, here it is a totally worthy investment due to the precious City Contribution Badges.
  • Starting 2-days research i.e. on Monday can give you a huge boost on Wednesday (where you earn points for any technology researched). On the example below, I’ve started Track Suspension Lvl. 10 early and completed it on the right day, earning over 500k points!

Rewards Gallery

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