Warpath: How to get more Power?

Quite a popular question from every Warpath beginner: what is power and how to increase it in the most efficient way? On this page, I will explain what power value consists of, how every number is calculated and what options you have to increase it fast.


That little numeric value you can see in the top left corner next to your profile picture – is the summary of different values across your account. When you tap on it, the “more info” page will decompile the value into smaller numbers.

This breakdown allows me to answer one of the most popular questions:

How do I get more power?

There are 6 different ways to increase it:

  • Building power: each building of your base can be upgraded up until level 32. Upgrading buildings is the only way to increase your Commander level, it also opens access to new functions, increases your troop count and their recovery speed and allows you to produce resources or research technologies faster.
  • Tech power: summary of all technologies you’ve researched so far. Researching them increases your unit power, your farming efficiency, opens access to more collection convoys, higher-level units and so on. Please note researching military technologies increases your tech, army and unit power altogether!
  • Army power: the power of all units you have deployed across your barracks. Each unit takes a certain amount of personnel (i.e. infantry – 1, medium tank – 4, super-heavy tank – 8) and each barrack level has personnel capacity (i.e. Lvl 8 has got 12 personnel and Lvl 13 – 16). To increase army power, you need to upgrade barracks and/or increase your unit power.
  • Unit power: the power of all units you have on your units tab, with level included. To increase your unit power, you need to: a) increase your unit level b) assemble higher grade units c) install better modifications on the training tab d) install better parts on the parts tab.
  • Officer power: the power of all officers you have on your officers’ tab, with skill level included. To increase your officer power, you need to level up your officers and increase their skills level using statues.
  • Camp power: represents the levels of your camps (Liberty, Vanguard and Martyrs’ Watch). To increase camp power, you need to complete officer missions – they will provide a certain amount of points per each successful one and when you have enough points, the camp level will go up. Don’t forget each camp gives a damaging attack/resist bonus when 2/3/4 or 5 units of the same camp are deployed in your barracks.
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