Warpath: Urban Combat Plan – Event overview

Urban Combat Plan is a city-wide event with multiple tasks opening gradually. On this page, you will find all objectives overview and a few tips on how to complete them easily.

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The event lasts for 30 days – since the very first day of a new city being created up until the next city level gets open.

Note: the majority of tasks can be fulfilled only while being part of an alliance.

The event doesn’t have any conditions to proceed – regardless if you succeeded or not – the next day and new tasks will open as the time comes by.

Phase 1: Peripheral Operations

Establish Lvl. 10 Field Command Center

Phase 2: Counteroffensive

Join allies to wipe out 30x Lvl 1 or above Raven Bunkers

Phase 3: Restoring Order

Join allies to wipe out 40x Lvl 2 or above Raven Bunkers

Phase 4: Storming the blockades

Join allies to wipe out 40x Lvl 3 or above Raven Bunkers

Phase 5: Annihilation

Defeat Raven Troops x200

Some tips and tricks

  • Search Fog 2500 times – easiest to do with 3 planes unlocked in your Airport. You get them at Airport Lvl. 13.

    You can also do that using maps from your inventory but it’s not recommended: once you have all territory unlocked, those maps will turn into 3-minutes universal speedups.
  • Defeating Lvl 3 Raven Bunkers is recommended in smaller groups of 3-4 players rather than trying to bring all alliance members to attack the same one.
  • To capture Raven Buildings, you need to own nearby villages first (building a turret in there).
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