AFK Arena: Grub’s PvP Overview – Gwyneth Burst

From the author: we’re starting off our in-depth series by jumping straight into the Gwyneth Burst Comp. Stay tuned for a detailed look into the other teams.


Written by Grubley, visually crafted by Mischief


This overview covers the Gwyneth Burst Comp in its current form. It is designed to boost as much damage as possible from Gwyneth in a short amount of time. If you don’t see other buffers like Arthur in this team it’s due to them not synergising well with the team’s main goal – An incredible amount of damage as quickly as possible. This lineup is weak on defence since disruption, like Athalia or a rival Eironn, will pull everything out of position and hinder the burst potential this team is built around. That being said, this is an incredibly powerful attacking team that can deal with most teams with relative ease and is currently dominating legends.


The main core of the Gwyneth Burst is unfortunately not that flexible. Zolrath and Nako are both able to be substituted with Estrilda, Tidus or Arthur. This will keep the fundamental basis of the Gwyenth Burst team in place. It is worth noting that substituting Zolrath will have a noticeable impact on the team.

Hero Overview


Artifact Recommendation: Eye

Her SI20 can provide a very powerful 20% damage buff to the team with the right composition. She provides haste which is critical in ensuring that Gwyn can get her initial arrows off as quickly and reliably as possible. Additionally, she also provides a defence reduction which can help guarantee a kill on the tankier targets. With SI30 and 9/9 furniture, she is capable of outputting a decent amount of damage.


Artifact Recommendation: Conviction, Eye

Used to provide extreme burst which can be directed very consistently and outputs extreme damage with the right support. Her ultimate will most likely provide the killing blow should anything survive the initial burst.


Artifact Recommendation: Grace, Eye, Call, Blade

His pull from the frontline guarantees the application of Gwyn burst as well as providing excellent burst and control in his own right. His ultimate can also swing fights against tankier teams and help prevent enemies targetting Gwyn.


Artifact Recommendation: Blade

Zolrath provides additional burst and tank shredding. He not only has amazing durability but can absolutely shred teams by himself. His 3/3 furniture ability is unrivalled in PvP since it guarantees this team can set up before the enemy can even begin their combo.


Artifact Recommendation: Grace, Eye

Used for her ability to nullify Lorsan link as a counter. She also is relatively tanky in her own right. Her furniture only adds to her defensive capabilities and can provide a key difference in fights where other parts of both teams have been burst down.


Artifact Recommendation: Call, Drape

Lorsan’s link which provides amazing burst against teams without Nako. He also provides a great damage buff to the power of his team’s ultimates which again can prove to be the winning advantage in some cases.


Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Call, Drape

Her knockback functions as positioning for Gwyneth’s opening combo while her attack speed buff provides a significant boost to Gwyn’s DPS. Generally, she would be favoured in a slower Gwyn comp that is less focused on her burst potential. She isn’t used in the main comp as she lacks damage and her overall kit isn’t as useful.


Artifact Recommendation: Eye, Grace, Call

Tidus is used to position the enemy in front of him so that they can be hit by Gwyn’s initial combo. This is a more bursty option than Estrilda however he is very squishy before he gets his ultimate off and is vulnerable to being killed off very quickly. His furniture provides a snowball in this situation, making him a potentially stronger option than Estrilda in this composition.


Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Drape

A very defensive variant of Gwyneth burst. Generally, his buff is useful, but he doesn’t help with positioning. He’s very vulnerable to being pulled or moved around but could see success in specific situations. He doesn’t synergise with the victory condition of the team properly, so I would suggest replacing other elements of the team if Arthur was the only option of the three.

Author: Grubley
The Inquisitor Discord
Featured image art: St. Cygnus

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