State of Survival: Patch 1.9.10

Let’s see what is coming in the game version 1.9.10

Patch Note v1.9.10

Greetings Chiefs, v1.9.10 is on the way now, come check out what’s the new optimization in this version.

From the in-game email

Following is the detail update of the 1.9.10 version, optimizations have been made as below:

  • Translation is availble for mail of Alliance Megaphone change notifications;
  • Parts of the feature and interface of Troops Formation have been changed back to previous ones before version 1.9.0. Heroes display interface will display Heroes’ standing pictures instead of portrait;
  • State Warfare Optimization:
    1. Chiefs now will get a 24-hour Peace Flare for free before Warfare Stage;
    2. Attacking Settlement with HQ level difference above 3 will not plunder resources as well;
    3. Enlistment Office will get huge capacity increase in Warfare Stage;
    4. State Warfare Coins will be awarded, and can be used to exchange for items in State Warfare Store;
    5. Exclusive goods for State Warfare winner will be added in State Warfare Store;
  • Timer Help display effect has been optimized.
  • Added 16-hour countdown of Intel Missions before becoming invalid.
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