State of Survival: Patch 1.9

Let’s see what is coming in the game version 1.9

v1.9 Patch Note

Greetings Chiefs

Come check out what’s new in the coming version 1.9

You can know more about Ghost in the new story event Ghostly Graffiti

And the most expected Reservoir League will officially start Beta testing in the 1.9 version. It will be the most grand competition with massive great rewards!

We’ve also added 4 brand new Alliance Badges for you to customize. The 4 Badges came from the design of our most active and talented Community. We will continue to gather brilliant ideas. You’re all welcome to join the community events.

From the in-game email

Following is the detail update of the 1.9 version

  • New story event of Ghost: Ghostly Graffiti added
    • Chiefs can join Paint Factory’s Cry for Help, All the Colors, Rampaging Infected Scientist, Dream Reunion to gather Spray Cans and forward the story to gather more resources and rewards
    • Exclusive HQ Skin, March Skin, Frame Skin and Decorations also added for the story event
  • Reservoir League will start Beta test
    • Reservoir League will divide States into different Battle Zones accordingly to the release time of States. Alliances will compete in their Battle Zones, and each Battle Zone will has its own Champion
    • First test will select 32 Alliances in State 1-32
  • Shop Optimization
    • Previous Shops will not be combine together. And you can enter the Shop by tapping the Shop icon on main Interface.
    • Daily Deal Shop added, you will have better deals daily
  • Chat system optimized. The display of words will align better now. and the text box will change accordingly to the length
  • Hero Search optimized, States that are opened over 8 weeks can use search to get Tony’s fragments
  • 4 Alliance Badges added, the designs came from Chief community, but to make it display better in the game, we make some adjustment for them

  • Optimized the NPC operation in the Settlement. You can try tap them to see some interesting stories and some quiz
  • Optimized Map zooming art effect
  • State Warfare Points rules added
  • Optimized March Setting Interface
  • Optimized Arabic interface, to make it more easier and convenient to read and see
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3 years ago

All I can say is that their “optimised” store interface is garbage (they have removed the market stall) and the “improved” troop interface is anything but. it’s awful. i sincerely hope their “emergency maintenance” at 1030UTC was a rollback. but I guess we’ll find out shortly.

3 years ago

yup, they didn’t fix anything else. Wow is there an outcry on discord, and facebook. it’s an awful update. I’m actually going to see how long I can avoid updating, on my main account.