State of Survival: Patch 1.9.35

Let’s see what is coming in the game version 1.9.35.

Warning – information is from SoS Test Server and everything might be completely different upon public release.

Video-overview of the upcoming changes.

The updated content of version 1.9.35 is as follows:

  • New Harvest Events
  • Optimized performance of Capital Clash
  • Smoother Intel Post interface operation
  • Optimized Store experience
  • Optimized visual effects of the World and Settlement Maps
  • Optimized interface and animation effects of Ten Searches

Let’s have a closer look at (potentially) upcoming changes:

New Harvest Events

Once it starts, I will do a separate video on my youtube channel.

Capital Clash Changes

Capital Clash fight was reduced to 12 hours with 6 hours of consecutive control to obtain victory. Developers will keep this setup for a few rounds and tweak it further based on player’s feedback.

Hero Search Updated

Collection Enabled & Anniversary Memorial Book

Collection missions can be completed via Intel
You can keep accessing the Anniversay Memorial Book from the Collection interface
But figures there will be frozen at the end of the 1st Anniversary Event
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