Warpath: Campaigns

You can find tips to complete the Warpath campaigns and a video guide of each mission on this page. The most difficult ones will have additional instructions!


Progressing campaigns in Warpath is quite important – the further you advance, the more passive income you have per hour. It earns 2 of the most important resources when it comes to unit levelling:

  • Army experience
  • Campaign store points

When you level up a unit, you need a certain amount of army exp for each next level and ammunition – for each 10th level.

Campaign store

It’s quite straightforward – the more items you buy, the higher level store will get, opening better offers as it grows. Eventually, you will be able to buy silver and gold blueprints!

All items you can find in the store are split into following categories:

  • 1-2 HOT offers: buy these without thinking;
  • several VALUE offers: strongly consider buying them all;
  • rest of the offers: buy those you really need. If you don’t know what you need, buy ammo – there’s never enough of it 😉


Majority of the early missions are easy to complete. All you need is 1 strong infantry unit able to absorb damage while your rear units are killing the enemy.

Some things you need to remember here:

In case you don’t have strong infantry, heavy/super-heavy tank can be used as an alternative but I won’t recommend it due to high investment cost into this unit to be effective. Especially, in the early stages of the campaign.

Unit setup

Typical army formation might vary depending on the campaign progress since some of them have more enemy infantry to deal with, while other missions have more tanks – so you will need to adjust the amount of siege/anti-tank guns units in your setup.

Selection of particular camps doesn’t really matter for campaign, just assign your strongest units taking into accout table below.

FrontDamage spongeTake enemy fire, survive as long as possible.
FrontDamage spongeIf you don’t have strong infantry unit, using heavy/super-heavy tanks can be an alternative solution.
MiddleDamage dealer
Medium and Light tanks are essential to counter enemies artillery and tank hunters.
MiddleDamage dealerTank hunters will take care of the enemy heavy tanks.
RearDamage dealerAnti-tank guns are mandatory when you have super-heavy tank enemies during certain campaign stages.
Rocket launchers and Howitzers are equally good while dealing with enemy bunkers and infantry units, take one or two depending on the situation.

Battle Mechanics

  1. Take your infantry and bunker it in front of the enemy so that every opponent focus fire it.
  2. With the remaining units target 1 enemy unit at a time starting with those closest to the bunker – it will reduce the movement of your units and speed up killing the enemies.
  3. Rinse and repeat until the mission is over.
  4. If you’re stuck: modify infantry with better components/parts first, invest the remaining resources into your ATG/HR/RL.

Video Guide

Here you can find video recordings for each mission of the campaign, split into chapters. All videos have got a timeline for easier navigation and no background music, so you can put your favourite one 😉 Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Battle of Moscow

Introduction to the game with a lot of story and dialogues. My recommendation is to complete it ASAP because you obtain officers from the Full-Scale Expansion tutorial mission.

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10



Progressing campaigns is not overly difficult – your infantry does all the job, so remember to keep an upgraded unit in your army, just in case!

For those who found a more optimal strategy to complete certain missions, with even lower units / power level, let me know in the comments and I can feature your video and/or build.

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