Warpath: Call to Rally – Event overview

Call to Rally is the first event to help Officers starting their Command Centre smoothly. On this page, you will find all objectives overview and a few tips on how to complete them easily.

Placeholder for a video-guide.

The event lasts for 6 days: first 5 days you have a new set of missions unlocked and one more day to pick up rewards.

Note: you can’t fulfil any objectives once the event goes into rewards phase.

For every completed mission, you earn 1 Mobility Medals. The ultimate goal is to complete all objectives, score 100 medals and change them into 100 Universal 5-Star Components (50 pieces can be used to draw one random 5-Star unit).

Day 1

Task # Rewards
Login one time 1

Day 2

Task # Rewards
Complete Campaign 1-12 1
Complete Campaign 1-20 1
Complete Campaign 1-32 1
Complete Campaign 2-4 1
Complete Campaign 2-20 1
Rush Rewards 4

Day 3

Task # Rewards
Use Energy 800

Day 4

Task # Rewards
Collect Resources 2,880,000
Collect Resources Lvl. 2 1
Collect Resources Lvl. 3 1
Collect Resources Lvl. 4 1

Day 5

Task # Rewards
Enlist Unit 80

Some tips and tricks

  • Search Fog 500 times – easiest to do with 3 planes unlocked in your Airport. You get them at Airport Lvl. 13.

You can also do that using maps from your inventory but it’s not recommended: once you have all territory unlocked, those maps will turn into 3-minutes universal speedups.

  • Rushing 7200 minutes is recommended investing in Industry tree.
  • Collect Remaining Supplies – make sure you zoom out the map and switch it into search mode as shown on the screen below. Plunder icons are what you need to complete this one.
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