Warpath: Combat Drills – Event overview

Combat Drills is a bi-weekly event with a heavy PvP focus. On this page, you will find all objectives overview and a few tips on how to complete them easily.

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The event lasts for 48 hours and grants you more rewards as soon you achieve certain amount of points. There are 6 milestones:

  1. Iron Medal: 24,000 points
  2. Bronze Medal: 72,000 points
  3. Silver Medal: 200,000 points
  4. Platinum Medal: 400,000 points
  5. Gold Medal: 750,000 points
  6. Warlord Medal: 1,100,000 points

Note: players in top-20 will earn additional rewards.

It has 4 different objectives, where you can score points in parallel. Of course, if you’d like to get into top-20 simply farming won’t be enough – you need to cooperate with your alliance and attack opposing forces.


Task Points
Collect 100 Military Funds 1
Collect 100 Steel 1
Collect 100 Crude Oil 1

Some tips and tricks

  • A most effective way to score points is base-2-base attack: porting next to the enemy’s location and initiating attack. Once your troops get hurt, garrison them for recovery, then take out and continue attacking. Rinse and repeat to take out 1 target and move to the next one.
  • Watch your Reserve Troops limit – it’s quite easy to get excited and run out of available troops very soon.
  • Make sure you’re mining for the entire duration of the event for getting additional points!
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